A beginner’s guide to glass

Generally, It does not matter if you are a newcomer or an experienced smoker, the fact is that glass is an essential part of cannabis culture. Glass is the most reliable material to make devices from. What makes glass such a perfect medium for smoking cannabis? With this purpose in mind, what are the different types of glass you’ll find on the market today, and which ones are the best for you? We are going to discuss everything about glass in this article.

Why choose glassware

A beginner’s guide to glass, Because glass is an extremely clean material that is why using it for smoking cannabis is popular. When you heat the glass, it does not produce a toxic smell. Basically, this thing makes glass material simply the first choice of smokers to smoke cannabis flowers and concentrates in it.

The devices which are made of metal, wood or plastic start contaminating your cannabis or concentrates after a certain time. Either they change the taste of cannabis or they start emitting toxic odor.

Main types of glass pipes on the market today:

Making a number of smoking devices out of glass. A beginner’s guide to glass Most common devices are:


Spoons are known for their simplest designs. The cannabis can be packed into a small spoon shaped bowl. The smoke travels through the small hole at the bottom of the bowl. Then the smoke reaches into the body of the pipe. There is another small hole in the bowl which is known as carb. Covering it will allow you to control airflow. The third and last opening is the mouthpiece.


Bongs have a water chamber. Smoking bubbles through this water chamber and cools down, all the heavy particulates are filtering which produces a cooler and smoother smoke to inhale.


The shape of the bubbler is similar to a spoon pipe. Bubblers also have a tin water chamber which cools the smoke down.


A small cylinder of glass which is to smoke is a chillum. You pack one end of the cylinder with a flower, ignite it, and pull the smoke through the other end of the cylinder.


Extra-large chillums also have the name steamrollers. They consist of a small depression which is for packing cannabis, a carb that is to control airflow and a glass cylinder.

Dab rigs:

Both bong and dab rigs share the same water filtration system. The only difference between the two is that there is a bowl in bong and instead of that bowl, a nail is there in a dab rig.

Glass made in USA vs glass made in China:

It is a widely accepted fact that the glass made in USA is way better than the glass made in China. One argument is that because producing Chinese glass on a massive scale is affordable, manufacturers do not pay attention to the quality of the glass. But the manufacturers of USA take care of every small detail.

General complaints about China made glass include:

  • Lower-quality glass 
  • Thinner glass
  • The glass that is not carefully hardened through an annealing process, thereby making it more susceptible to stress fractures and breaking
  • Unoriginal designs, with many claiming that Chinese glass manufacturers essentially rip off designs created by smaller glassmakers and then mass-produce them

But there is another group who do not see any noticeable difference between the china made glass and USA made glass.

As expert glassblower Luke Wilson put it: “The only difference is [Chinese manufacturers] take everything they make from other people and make it a million times over. … There’s nothing wrong with China glass as far as I’m concerned. So, if you need a high-filter piece for your money, then go buy a China piece. But if you want something that’s collectible and that you’ll appreciate, go buy a personal artist piece.”

Choosing which is right for you:

Furthermore, you should consider three basic factors when buying a glass piece:

What type of smoking experience do you want?

Generally, It depends totally on you. You need to decide if you want to smoke out of a spoon or a chillum, whether you want to some by using a bong or a bubbler. These questions will determine what kind of glass piece is the best for you.

Function or form?

Also, a Scientific glass piece is simply the best choice if you want to have a high-quality performance. But if you have an artistic mind then artisan glass is the best for you.

What is your budget?

A beginner’s guide to glass, a china made glass piece would be your best choice if your budget is tight. Because these China made glass piece are not so expensive, so, you can easily replace it if you start having any issue with it. But if your budget is high then sky is the limit for you.


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