What is liposomal CBD?

What is liposomal CBD?

What is liposomal CBD?

What is liposomal CBD? CBD is a cannabinoid with many health and therapeutic properties. It has anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and analgesic properties. Unfortunately, when consuming CBD, it’s absorbed poorly compared to the number of other cannabinoids like THC.

Liposomal is to surround CBD when consuming to make it easy to absorb by our bodies. This method is so innovative, and it enhances the bioavailability of Cannabidiol to get more benefits from it.

Meaning of Liposomal?

Basically, liposomes are tiny spheres that surround any medicine or anything you eat to make absorption easier. This word has a Greek origin which means body.    

“A liposome is basically a bubble wrap for packing a drug,” says Dr. Adie Rae, a neuroscientist, and medicinal cannabis expert. “Liposomes are typically for using materials like phospholipids. These are the same kind of molecules that comprise our bodies’ cell membranes.”

The era of the 1960s when these liposomes discovered. Scientists improved them to deliver important nutrients and medicines to our bodies. They are soluble in both water and fat.

”studies of the liposomal system have been around for decades as a way of improving bioavailability and the amount of stuff entering our bloodstream”. says Dr. Rae.

What is bioavailability?

what is CBD oil? If you understand the concept of bioavailability, it would be easier for you to know about the benefits of liposomal. Bioavailability refers to the intended biological destination. believing to be a percentage that measures any substance that any living being would be used about the total quantity of the available drug.

If you take CBD orally, it has low bioavailability as compared to inhaled. When you take it orally, you lose a huge part of it during the digestive process. Leaving only 9% CBD bioavailability. Liposomal products help CBD to get passed through metabolic procedures.

Recently, a pilot study was published in the American Journal of Endocannabinoid Medicine. This study examined that  CBD was detected in the blood of all 15 patients who ingested liposomal CBD after an hour. In contrast, standard CBD was only found in 40% of patients after the same time.

Benefits of liposomal Cannabidiol offers:

The basic goal and advantage of liposomal are to increase bioavailability. Usually, these liposomal CBD is for oral use only, but many topical products benefit from the mechanism of liposomes.

The good part is that by using a lower dose, you can have some advantages as with a higher dose. “If it’s safe, and if it actually does increases bioavailability, and if the total cost of liposomal CBD is competing against naked CBD, a person cann theoretically consume less of the liposomal product in acheiving the desired effects,” advises Dr. Rae.

Is liposomal CBD better than other types of Cannabidiol? 

Liposomal delivery has shown better absorption than naked CBD oil, but it does not mean that it is better than all other CBD types. “Liposomal formulas could end up being more expensive than ‘naked’ CBD, negating their use,” says Dr. Rae. “For example, 50 mg of regular CBD is just as effective as 20 mg liposomal Cbd, but the liposomal product might be more expensive and therefore is not better.”

A study conducted on dogs having arthritis back in 2020. This study showed that 20 mg of liposomal CBD was just as successful in relieving pain as 50 mg of non-liposomal CBD. If you want to use a minimal amount to get the maximum result, a liposomal formulation may be best for you. In the end, what’s inside is still CBD.

“There are unknown risks for nanoparticles of all sorts, including nano CBD,” says Dr. Rae. “Some of the ingredients in nano-preparations might be safe in their traditional forms but could be toxic when made super small.”

Are liposomal dangerous?

A review published in Pharmaceutics back in 2017. Finding in a review that liposomes are so safe to use. They enhance bioavailability.  

“Because liposomes appear to be very safe, they have been the subject of intense research for decades,” explains Dr. Rae. “However, there is some very sophisticating chemistry and physics going on with this delivery system. which is best to understand by medicinal chemists and pharmaceutical developing experts. Not your average hemp processing/extraction company.”  “Any novel drug formula, including liposomal or nanoencapsulation of CBD, should be studied for safety and efficacy before being rolled out onto the market,” Dr. Rae advises. “I would not recommend using a liposomal Cannabidiol formula that was not accompanied by published safety data. The risk could be small, but it’s not a risk I’d personally be willing to take.”

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