CBD oil and insomnia

CBD can help with insomnia. Millions and millions of people around the globe are suffering from difficulty falling asleep. Some people suffer from his horrific state temporarily but for some, this state becomes a chronic problem. Researches have conducted to understand the role of CBD oil to cope with the state of wakefulness. We are going to learn how CBD oil is helpful as far as treating insomnia. Learn everything in this article.

Research overview:

Studies have on CBD can be helpful in making people fall asleep. Also, it can behave opposite in some others. Currently, we are lacking knowledge about the mechanism by which CBD makes us fall asleep. Much more research is underway in this regard.

The studies of CBD oil helping insomnia:

A study wrote in the Permanente Journal in 2019 examining the usage of CBD oil to treat anxiety and sleep. At the first monthly assessment following the beginning of CBD treatment (25-175 milligrams per day). Of those, 66% of patients experience an improvement in sleep. While 25% experienced worse sleep. At the two-month mark, 56% report improvement in sleep. Comparing with the previous month, while 26% report worsening problems associating with their sleep. Another study wrote in the journal of the Federation of European Biochemical Societies Letters back in 2006. A study that CBD when tested on rats, increases wakefulness and reduced REM sleep while in their inactive cycle.

Patient perspective on CBD:

Paul Miller’s waking life is the result of chronic insomnia. “I had tried melatonin and various herbal teas, but nothing worked. I was stressed out and exhausted, and it was a vicious cycle. The more I couldn’t sleep, the more stressed I became about it.” A friend of his introduced him to 500 milligrams of CBD oil to treat his sleeplessness. “I knew nothing about it and was hesitant to even try it because I had no idea what the side effects might be,” Miller explained to Weedmaps News. He tried the CBD oil when one night he got tired from his state of sleeplessness. “It works so well that I am researching more about it. Also, that’s what led me to starting our company. This is Lokus Nutrition, a CBD company. The reason we exist is because of my insomnia.”

Daniel Robbins turned to CBD as an alternative to other sleep medication. “I have a hard time falling asleep and used to take melatonin or Sleep Aid, but would have side effects like a racing heart, or waking up very groggy and unable to go back to sleep.” He initiated by taking CBD gummies. He used to take 10-20 milligrams before going to bed. “At first I noticed a feeling of relaxation and then I would begin to feel sleepy. “I fall asleep faster, with zero side effects. It has done wonders.” Robbins notes that the CBD also helps to manage his anxiety. “Additionally, I take it in the morning and feel calm when I start to have anxiety coming on as I often get very stressed and anxious.”


CBD helps in coping with the state of sleeplessness in some people. However, it can behave opposite in some others. People who want to use CBD to manage their insomnia must consult a doctor before taking it.

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