What is the difference between CBDA vs CBD?

The difference between CBDA vs CBD?: Everyone talks about the pain and stress relieving properties of CBD oil but have you ever heard about CBDA? We are going to learn everything about CBDA in this article.

What is CBDA?

Hemp and cannabis plants are full of cannabidiol acid or CBDA. CBDA interacts with the human body just like regular CBD. It also has health benefits like mood enhancement and pain relief. Dr Adie Poe, assistant scientist at Legacy Research Institute in Portland, Oregon, and scientific advisor to Weedmaps, elaborating: “The plant makes the acid form, and the acid form is decarboxylated by heat. CBDA is just the “raw” or unheated form of CBD.”

the difference between CBDA vs CBD? In simple words, CBDA turns into CBD when you heat it up. Since both CBD and CBDA have a close relation, it is possible that one has more health benefits than the other.

Is CBDA better than CBD?

CBDA is more potent than CBD. To some extend CBDA is even potent than THCA conducting a number of scientific studies on animals. Poe is of the view that CBDA can do a lot better for humans than for animals.  As she points out, “There is sparse evidence about CBDA’s medical benefits in humans, although a few studies have looked at its ability to reduce seizures, reduce tumours, and treat inflammation in animals.”

Japanese researchers conducting a similar study back in 2008, which wrote in the journal Drug Metabolism and Disposition. Both CBDA and THCA finding to have an inhibitory effect on inflammation in this study.

In a study which wrote in the British Journal of Pharmacology back in 2013, researchers noted, “Consequently, CBDa shows promise as a treatment for nausea and vomiting, including anticipatory nausea for which no specific therapy is currently available.”

What is CBDA used for?

You can add CBDa oil in food and beverages to enjoy the possible benefits of it. Poe shared, “CBDa is an important component of a full-spectrum raw extract. Hemp kief in your smoothie equals a nice anti-inflammatory micronutrient.”

A CBDa-infused smoothie might also contain superfoods such as kale, spinach, and ginger root. A handful of CBDa flower along with a teaspoon of CBD oil, plus some apples for taste and orange juice for texture could complete the recipe. This type of smoothie won’t get you high because THC is not an ingredient, but the drink could help fight off inflammation in the body and leave you feeling refreshed.

Is CBDA in CBD oil?

The way concoction was prepared may determine if both CBD and CBDa are there in the oil. CBDa can be an active part in a therapeutic oil if it is in raw and unheated form.

Dr. Poe elaborated, “A consumer may encounter CBDa products out there in the world if the manufacturer has not heated the plant prior to processing. That is, if they take raw hemp oil and incorporate it into their products without heating, the “CBD” oil may actually contain CBDa. CBDa is anti-inflammatory, but it has other targets in the nervous system (serotonin signaling, for example), just like its de-carbed cousin.”

Can it be smoked?

 CBDa will convert into CBD when you will smoke cannabis because cannabinoids get heated up while lighting a joint. So, this is not possible for CBDa because it changes into CBD. But if you really want to enjoy CBDa, you should have specific ingestible oils, tinctures, creams and cannabis topicals. You may also have a superfood smoothie. But make sure you have consulted your doctor before experiencing CBDa.  

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