Dating back to biblical times the cannabis plant still offers its mind-altering effects today. Cannabis will thrive throughout parts of the world. Although it is believed to originate from central Asia. Finding traces of the plants all throughout the world today. Humans began carrying the plant to their own countries and altering growing the plant to their own specs. the older strains gave the name landrace strains. These Landrace strains are almost like the mother plant to some of the most iconic strains found today. Crossbreeding the strains and creating Hybrid strains. Things like girl scout cookie and sour diesel are Hybrid cannabis strains.

It all begins by breeding female plants with different male strain plants. Because of this, the plant now has thousands of different strains. Each plant carries its own blend of cannabinoids and terpenes. All offer intoxicating effects on the human brain. However, the two most common strains of cannabis are Indica and Sativa.

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