PGR is a way unlicenced cannabis growers produce weed for profit. Meaning, they grow weed with harmful chemicals. Things like paclobutrazol, daminozide, Chlormequat chloride are just some of these. In brief, paclobutrazol has an effect on the plant being able to elongate. Because of this, Giving the cannabis plant more dense and heavier buds. However, this reduces the plants THC. Even smoking PGR weed this chemical breaks down into nitrosamines which are carsonogenic. Secondly, Daminozide or ‘Alar’ which slows the growing rate of leaves and stem of weed.

Also, making less cannabanoids and terpenes in the weeds buds. Nowadays no testing has been done to see if this is bad for you. So we recommend you don’t try it. Lastly, Chlormequat Chloride will slow down plant growth by increasing the plants flower. This will also allow the plant to become a certain size and more manageable. However, organ damage, skin irritations, and eye issues are all a result of this chemical. 

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