Straight Green

Straight Green

Straight Green:

In brief, it is only cannabis no tobacco. Young Australians today ask ourselves what is actually the healthiest way to smoke cannabis? First, we must dive deeper into the actual methods of smoking straight green or mixed. Generally, everyone knows why tobacco is bad for you. However, certain ways we consume weed actually produce the same harmful toxins as tobacco.

Common methods people use to consume cannabis:

Joints or blunts: Furthermore, smoking a blunt, joint or dooby is a common way to consuming cannabis. But in saying this, is it actually healthy? It all depends on a few variables about the blunt. Making blunts from certain materials can be very harmful to the human body. For example, some traditional blunts are created from cigars or cigar wrapping which is highly toxic to your lungs. If you are making a blunt without using a filter and find the need to use spin, this is a bad way of consumption.

To conclude, if you’re spinning your weed or smoking straight green it is important to note that both methods do have health effects on your lungs. In saying this there are healthy methods like, edibles, tinctures, topicals and even suppositories.

“I only smoke straight green no tobacco”

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