Spinning weed

Spinning weed

“Hey mate” Can i pinch some spin of you?”

Spin: In brief, it is a word to describe mixing tobacco with cannabis. The question is, is it bad to spin your weed? The answer is yes. Spinning your weed or cannabis with tobacco is very harmful to your lungs. It is a common practice for Australians to mix tobacco with their mulled up marijuana. Basically, between 70% and 92% of pre-made cannabis products you find overseas, contain traces of tobacco. Although, Australias is 50%. The reason people use spin is that it helps keep the cannabis alight when smoking.

Furthermore, the toxic chemicals from tobacco are harmful to your lungs. Things like, emphysema, asthma and even cancer are all diseases that can derive from things like tobacco. However, there are many alternatives to use for a spin instead. For example, people are using things like dried cannabis leaves or “kiff” instead. Studies show that the reason people use it. their cannabis with tobacco is because it provides a smooth hit.

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