In brief, is a weight of buds at 1/4 ounces. Often, everyday Australians looking for cannabis will often use the word quart. “Hey Mate” could I grab a quart today?”. Basically, people use this term to describe a 1/4 ounce of weed. In a measurement that is 7 grams. Secondly, Half an ounce is 14 grams. Last but not least, a full ounce is 28 grams.

Furthermore, there are a few similar words to quart. The first being ‘Quey’. “hey mate, can I get a Quey of cannabis?” The pronunciation of it is ‘Qu-oo-ie’. Who would have known the word would eventually find itself as a very common word among Australians. If you ever need your Quart weighed up, check out conepieces range of digital scales. These scales allow for precise measurements every time.

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