Metal Cone Piece With Holder 14mm


metal cone piece kit comes with the following: 

  • 1x Metal cone piece with holder 
  • 1x Exclusive gift from cone piece Australia 

14mm male adapter fitting capable of fitting with any bong or water pipe with a 14mm female stem or fitting. 

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The metal cone piece with an all new wrapped wire metal holder. Featuring an all new slick design. This is because, we have added a new feature to hold your cone piece if or when its getting hot! You wouldn’t grab a hot pot off the stove without a handle. So why grab a hot cone without a handle! Now you don’t have to with the 14mm metal cone piece and holder. With this purpose in mind, the cone piece has a 14mm male adapter fitting capable of fitting with any bong or waterpipe with a 14mm female stem or fitting.

Key features of the cone piece:

  • solid metal design
  • new special handle
  • 14mm male adapter fitting
  • customising capability have a broad amount of products that will suit your needs. We offer everything from Waterpipes, vaporisers, dab rigs, cannabis cooking utensils and of course conepieces. Also, we have Plant grow kits and all nutrients to help you grow top notch weeds. To finish up, our range of dry herb vapes are the most advanced dry herb vaporisers on the market. All our ornamental waterpipes come wrapped with thick bubble wrap. We then Deliver with discrete shipping straight to your door!

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