Cone Pieces

Conepieces For Sale Shipped Australia Wide. For all your vaping / smoking utensils, check out our online store today. From glass cone pieces to brass ones, we stock over 300 different types of conepieces.  Australian residents receive free shipping on all conepiece orders over $60. glass cone pieces Australia wide.

Conepieces range in all different shapes and sizes. However, the difference is that the two types we sell are either brass or glass. As a personal preference, using Pyrex glass or brass is far better than a standard homemade cone piece. This is because the conepieces made with either alfoil or aluminium are generally toxic over time. If you have ever noticed the colour change upon the alfoil or aluminium tends to adjust to different colours. Burning these substances can cause carcinogenic fumes you inhale every single time you use a homemade conepiece.

Cone pieces Australia offer premium conepieces that aren’t either of the toxic metals. Instead, we use brass and pyrex. Choosing these two compounds to prevent harsh chemicals from being induced every time you and Margaret want a hot one. glass cone pieces Australia and enjoys a nice cone without burning or causing harsh chemicals given from burning alfoil or aluminium. Being metal, some would think brass metal or Pyrex glass would have these. They might do! However, you are never actually going to reach the optimum temperature for them to do that. Unless you somehow melt the brass or melt the glass. Smoking a standard cone will never actually get that hot. Shop our range today!

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