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Our complete grow tent kit Australia comprises our most popular, efficient lighting solution (Spectro LED). Basically, this is housed within the award winning Pinelab Tent. We also include the essentials for ventilation, lighting control, pots, and more! This will allow you to grow two healthy, happy plants. visit

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The Stealth Sufficiency Grow tent kit Our Solution for Self Sufficiency!

Grow tent kit or grow rooms check out our range of complete grow tent kit Australia

In brief, we want to make it easy for growers to start gardening at home. We came up with a solution to help our customers with a top shelf kit to start growers journey to indoor self-sufficiency!

The Stealth Sufficiency Kit comprises our most popular, efficient lighting solution (Spectro LED). Basically, this is housed within the award winning Pinelab Tent. We also include the essentials for ventilation, lighting control, pots, and more! This will allow you to grow two healthy, happy medium-large plants. Furthermore, this is perfect for the new home grower or someone wanting to upgrade their existing domestic setup!

The Grow tent kit includes:
  •   Firstly, 1x Spectro 240w LED Grow Light
      Secondly, 1x SigilVentus 150mm Fan and Controller
      1 x Time-Tastic Light Controller
      1 x House & Garden Nutrients Starter pack
      2 x Air-Pruning Pots
      1 x 4×4 Pinelab Grow Tent
      1 x FREE 2L Pro Mantis

Quality of our complete grow tent kit Australia :

SPECTRO 240w LED Light:

Spectro, as a brand, is leading the race in horticultural lighting. The reason is simple, the detail and engineering of the lights. With a 120 degree, angle output produces many Lumileds and Osram. Generally, this is important for plants growth. This light genius way of producing more light using less power for your grow room. This is done with SPECTROs special LED cooling system.

SigilVentus fans and controller:

In brief, Sigilventus produce the fans. The engineering of the blades right through to the turbine motor is second to none. With slick metal housings, as well as a quiet running motor Sigivintus take pride in quality. We chose this light purely to for the efficiency it gives to the grow room. Moreover, these fans maintain high output for a long time with very low power consumption for your grow room. Their power consumption at maximum speed is 40 Watts. Overall, with a digital 8 speed manual controller, potentiometer and tachometer signals are all waterproof treated.

Time-Tastic light controller:

No need to reset your Timer from 18hrs to 12hrs. Just push one button to switch over. Time-Tastic Timer is the ultimate simplicity for growing room control! Time-Tastic Grow and Bloom single button timer allows you to switch between vegetative (grow / 18hrs ) easily and floral (bloom / 12hrs) with one easy button! Reliability, simplicity and power – The Time-Tastic Push and Grow Timer is capable of managing up to 2400w with a monster 30AMP breaker. To conclude, this light controller Passes ALL Australian standards for the safety of your grow room.

The House & Garden Starter Kit:

The House & Garden Starter Kit is perfect for your grow room. With our award-winning nutrients! It includes our complete range of powerful base nutrients and stimulants to get you growing prize winning buds or flowers. Also, H&G offer ‘Feed Charts’ to help with your grow room. The Kit includes 2 x 1L A/B Base Nutrient (Cocos, Aqua Flakes or Soil), 100ML Roots Excelurator, 100ML Amino Treatment, 250ML Nitrogen N27%,250ML Multizyme,250ML Bud-XL, 250ML Top Booster, 250ML Drip Clean, and 2 Sachets of Shooting Powder.

2L Air Pruning pots:

In addition, adding some Good quality Pruning pots to your grow room is a must. This is perfect for collecting those cuttings. Air pruning allows for the plant to grow smaller roots more effectiveness of plant growth. Generally, the pots give more oxygenation to the plants’ roots. The design further adds microbes and good bacteria to your plant grow room. In saying this, the pot produces more airflow, which also allows for quicker evaporation. Check your pot every day to ensure the plant has water.

Pinelab 4X4 Grow Tent:

Firstly, pine lab pride do comply with Australian standards. The engineering produces the ‘clean room’ standards of cultivation and compliance. Also, with a Unique white film interior with anti-bacterial technology with >95% reflectivity. Powder coated poles have attention to detail for a good finish with no spots. Moreover, these tents have a rigid structure with a hanging weight of over 100kg’s. The grow room double stitched corners allow for no tears. To conclude, the tent includes a controller holder and light holder also.

2L Pro mantis:

We are throwing this product in for FREE. Although, pro mantis is the ultimate in organic soil. This is a superfood for soils. Basically, it consists of insect matter and fossilised diatoms. This means pro mantis is a rich nutrient that is pesticide free. It will increase nitrogen in your grow room. This will boost both the efficiency and quality of your plants: meaning, more buds and flowers.

To conclude, these are our most popular product lines and guarantee success for the home gardening enthusiast!

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