A German engineering masterpiece! STORZ & BICKEL hit worldwide headlines with the first vaporiser device they ever released and what everybody knows as the ‘Volcano classic’ dry herb vaporiser.

The Making of STORZ & BICKEL

Furthermore, Introducing the german made vaporiser in early the early year of 2000. Because of this, being recognised as one of the first functional and reliable dry herb vaporisers in the world. The Volcano all began with just a glass pipe and a hot air gun thought by Markus Storz. This man had a vision that smoking herbs is not the only way you can consume herbs. Instead, Mr Storz began processing a way to vaporise his herbs!

Taking a deeper dive

Over the years of trial and error, 1996 was the very first shaping of the volcano. Making this from a heat gun with a volcano like housing on the outside. In 1998 Storz and the team began constructing the volcano with an element, Air Pump and bimetallic regulator. Marcus Storz had one vision fast becoming a reality, by creating a vaporiser capable of passing the test for medical use.

Mr Storz in the year of 2000 hand built out of his basement 100 of the very first Volcanos Vaporisers. Moreover, being recognised as a vaporising product with its very first name ‘VAPOTEC Inhalatoren’. In the year 2002, in order to fund the project Markus Storz introduces his friend Jürgen. For several months Jürgen and Storz worked around the clock joining forces later becoming what we all know as STORZ & BICKEL Gmbh & co. For years to come STORZ & BICKEL as a company grow into the most reputable dry herb vaporisers the world has ever seen! Becoming the very first vaporiser approved for medicinal use.


To conclude, STORZ & BICKEL today have just completed their brand new factory located in Tuttlingen, Germany. To this day, producing Dry herb vaporisers and selling their products worldwide.

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