The waterfall grinder kit will include the following items: 

  • 1x 63mm four part grinder 
  • 1x Exclusive gift from cone piece Australia 

The teeth on this grinder are extra sharp. We then Deliver with discrete shipping straight to your door!



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This waterfall grinder is perfect for grinding herb, storing herb, and collecting keif! As the herb is ground it falls into the second storage chamber and sits on a mesh barrier allowing the keif to fall into the bottom chamber. The teeth on this grinder are extra sharp allowing an easy grind. Filing the teeth will increase the sharpness of the grinder’s teeth. The magnetised lid and thread ensures all chambers on the unit stay together and allow a smooth twist. This grinder is made of lightweight Aluminium. It has been manufactured by a CNC Machine (Computer Numerical Control) which ensures an accurate build and great quality.

  • 63mm
  • 4 Part Grinder
  • Magnetised Lid
  • Removable Magnetic Screen
  • Made of Aluminium

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