Stone Age Pro Grinder


weed grinders kit comes with the following items:

  • 1x Stone Age metal grinder with stainless steel teeth and THC collector
  • 1x Exclusive gift from conepiece Australia

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weed grinders is undoubtedly a fascinating little grinder, consists of four parts. These four parts are a storage chamber, a pollen screen, blades and lid. The blades are so sharp that they munch your herb, spice or buds in seconds. This stone age is sure to give perfection to your every grind. The surface of the grinder feels so soft because it is made of top quality and it has a matte finish.

Key Features:

  • Height 50mm width 50mmm
  • Consists of 4 parts
  • Easy grip
  • Portable
  • Stunning multicolour unique design
  • Pollen screen
  • A storage chamber
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Best gift for all the events
  • A fast chop grinding device
Conepiece Australia have over 100 grinders in store. All of which are made of high quality products. Because of this, they will last a last. With this purpose in mind, a grinder has many different features. Some have high quality acrylic. However, with new laser technology, there are some engineering masterpieces. This is because some of the brands have special filtration systems. Meaning, they are able to catch the form of every individual extract when we grind our herbs or buds. Things like, dust which contains lots of the THC crystals will be caught in a special layer beneath the grinder. this allows you to collect the THC dust. Nowadays, many people use this dust for baking cookies. With this method, you can really ‘bake’ the cookies.

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