Magic Butter

Magic Butter

What does a magical butter machine do? Nowadays, people are experimenting in more different ways with cannabis extraction. The magic buttering that this machine does is superior when it comes to both cooking and getting high.

The magical effects of the butter

In short, the effects of infusing cannabis with butter makes it a mind-altering cookery. We all smoke weed to get high, right? However, with the right extraction, you can get high making special butter. The idea of the butter is to extract two unique compounds in the weed. This being THC and CBD. Both these cannabinoids have a mind-altering effect, making us feel high. The potency does however depend on the dose and how well made the butter is.

How the magic butter machine works

Firstly, the correct procedure using the botanical method of cannabis extracting all comes down to the right temperature. For example, the optimum temperature we want our buds to be heated during this process is 71 degrees, or 160 degrees Farrin height. The machine will melt the butter at the perfect temperature while its spins special blades. Because of this, these blades then chop and help extract the magical effects from the cannabis by infusing it with the butter. Making the whole botanical extraction process more potent and accurate.

why the magic butter machine?

Furthermore, there are ways we can botanically extracts cannabanoids and infuse them with things like butter. Although, the magical butter removes one big headache when it comes to doing so. This is because, overtime magical butter as a company have perfected the craft of botanical extraction. Making the job simple and easy to understand. Botanical extraction can be dangerous, let the magical butter machine do the hard work for you!

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