Magic Butter Machine

Magic Butter Machine

In brief, the cannabis edibles market has expanded quickly in recent years as cannabis slowly getting legalised around Australia for medical use all over the country.  Some people are opting for a smoke-free approach to smoking medical cannabis. A healthier and more delicious way to consume cannabis with almost every recipe can be incorporated with cannabis. You can easily make herbal butter, oils, tinctures, soups, salad dressings, skincare products, pet medicines and much more! All with the flick of a button.  Magic butter machine, Magical butter decarb box for sale right here!

“Are You after an easier way to make medical cannabis-infused edibles? Cone Piece may have found a winner for you.”  

How easy is the magic butter machine to use? 

  1. Add your medical cannabis. 
  2. Add any butter or coconut oil. 
  3. Set your timer and your temperature. 
  4. Let the machine do all the work for you. It has an inbuilt grind, chips, stirs, heats, and infuses all the cannabis together.   
  5. Strain your infusion butter using the LoveGlove and Purify Filter that comes with each machine. 
  6. And just like that, you are finished with minimal mess to clean up.   

Why we sell it?   

We only recommend high-end cannabis products on cone piece. This machine will save you time and money. You will never waste your cannabis again from overcooking your buds or poor advice from your so-called friend that is an expert at cooking cannabis in the kitchen. This product is like having Gordan Ramsay in your kitchen in the pram of your hand. The good reviews are endless online.  

You can find the magic butter machine and more information on our website The Magical Butter Botanical Extractor is only $260 and one of our bestselling products.  We recommend all these products, in relation to this article.  

magic butter machine for sale: MAGICAL BUTTER MB2E BOTANICAL EXTRACTOR

With this Extractor you can create the most common but effective cannabis brownies and cookies on the market!

magical butter attachments:

In brief magical butter, the machine comes with a range of attachments. These attachments include Trays gloves and filters. Furthermore, these additions for the machine are a must-have. Here is a list of accessories that will help you cook some insane edibles.

The butter trays:

The 16 ounce magical butter tray:

With Four slots measuring at exactly 8 tablespoons per slot, this tray has the perfect size to it. In addition, these slots give you the perfect amount to create many different food snacks with a dash of your own green medicine! Things like chocolate bars, candy bars, granola bars, hemp seed bars, and of course brownies.

Made from flameproof silicone these trays are tough. Further adding, they are flexible non-stick which allows for easy removal of your cooking. The non-stick tray makes cleaning it very easy.  Overall, the best part about the tray is it comes with a lid perfect for storing your baked goods. The best part about that is not needing gladwrap or another container for storage. To conclude, these trays are a massive hit for anyone making homemade brownies, taking the next level.

Magical Butter Glove and purifying filters:

The glove and purifying filters make transitioning your cannabis from the butter easy! This kit comes with three filter bags. The material alone has been specially selected for the fine 25 to 220 micron pore sized holes ranging between the three strainers. These holes allow for the best possible catchment in straining the butter from your added cannabis product. Basically, this gives you a much stronger butter. Using the three strainers to sift one lot of butter gives you the best results.

To conclude, this four-piece set comes with a silicone cooking glove. This Glove is made of tough non-stick silicone. The stand out feature is the flame and the heat resistant silicone of the glove. Furthermore, this allows for safe practices when handling hot magical liquids.

Magic butter machine attachments for sale here: MAGICAL BUTTER ACCESSORIES FILTERS AND LOVE GLOVE 4 PACK

how to make CBD butter

Basically, CBD butter is one the easiest and most delicious recipes, especially for beginners. Generally, this CBD butter can be used in a number of foods and recipes. Also, making CBD butter is the easiest way to enjoy the benefits of CBD. Furthermore, we are going to learn everything about it in this article.

You would be needing the following tools and ingredients:

  • Butter (coconut, olive oil, canola, or hemp oil can be substituted).
  • Dried hemp or high-CBD marijuana flowers.
  • Herb grinder.
  • Metal strainer.
  • Cheesecloth.
  • Funnel.
  • Slow cooker (or a medium-sized saucepan on low heat).

1. Firstly, the first step is to grind the hemp flower roughly with a hand grinder. It’s unnecessary to use finely ground cannabis, but make sure it’s broken down from full flower buds.

2. Secondly, Preheat your oven to approximately 220 degrees Fahrenheit for the decarboxylation process. Then, Spread the ground flower on a baking sheet and bake at 220 degrees for 30 to 45 minutes. Decarbing is a necessary step to release the cannabinoids in the hemp flower.

3. Thirdly, Melt the butter slowly on low heat. Slow cookers are best, but a saucepan may also be used to simmer the butter and flour mixture on low heat for several hours.

4. After that, once the butter or oil is melted and heated, add the ground flour mixture to the pot and stir gently.

5. Once the flower is completely submerged in the butter, cover the pot or slow cooker and let the mixture simmer on low for at least one hour, but as long as six to eight hours for maximum cannabinoid extraction.

6. Also, remove the butter mixture from the heat. While it is still warm and malleable, strain it through a metal strainer, then the cheesecloth and into a jar or other container. Gently squeeze the cheesecloth to press out as much of the oil or butter as possible.

7. Finally, Place the resulting butter into the refrigerator or freezer.

How to use CBD butter?

Generally, to get health and therapeutic benefits from cannabidiol, you can take CBD butter orally. Also, replace your regular butter or margins with CBD butter to bake cookies, muffins, cupcakes and even pastries. You can use it to fry eggs or even butter your toast.

Amount of CBD in it:

Getting to know about the amount of CBD in your butter is somehow difficult. The factors which should be kept in mind to understand the amount of CBD in butter are the quantity of plant material you used, potency of cannabis or hemp, amount of butter you used and for how long you let the mixture get infused.

The best butter for Cannabis butter:

CBD infused butter is the best choice for pure, unsalted and full-fat butter. But coconut oil is undoubtedly the best alternate for those who are more health-conscious. Furthermore, you can use any oil you want as per your taste or your health conditions. Also, it is always a good idea to make your own CBD infused butter at home. You can put your hand on new recipes, or you may play better with topicals. Lastly, magic butter machine for sale.

The use of cannabis butter/CBD butter:

CBD oil and pain: A scholarly survey wrote in the Journal of Pain. Reporting that about one-third of people who report pain experience their pain as disabling, severely impacting their daily lives. Everyone who is suffering from chronic and acute pain keeps looking for something to manage their condition. Painkillers include acetaminophen, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and opioids are for this purpose. But these medicines carry side effects with them. We are going to learn how CBD helps to cope with different pains in this article.

The studies of CBD medicating pain:

We have new research now and then to understand the therapeutic properties of CBD. Although, most of these studies are testing on animals. A number of studies explain the effectiveness of CBD in treating chronic pain conditions, which prove to be a challenge.

A research paper wrote in the British Journal of Pharmacology in 2013. Finding in that study of the usage of CBD alleviates neuropathic associating pain with chemotherapy as far as cancer patients go.

Another study wrote in the European Journal of pain in 2016. Researchers found that CBD had limited oral bioavailability. Topical application of CBD may be more effective than oral ingestion. This is where inflammation or pain is specific to one area, such as arthritis or muscular pain.

Patient perspectives who use CBD oil:

Samantha Tucker had a motorcycle crash back in 2010. That clash resulted in the farm of an injury on her arm. She needed to get fit immediately because, within few days, she has a challenge.

She wanted to win a position in the Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro. “When you’re in pain, you’re never able to perform at your peak ability, and you’re always living ‘less than’, said Tucker. “I only have one life, and it’s not going to be a ‘less than’ life.” 

According to her, “I use Kannaway’s Gold Oral Applicator every morning. Also, Kannaway’s Premium Full Spectrum Oral Applicator every evening,” she shares with Weedmaps News. 

“In addition to a reduction in daily aches, I experience as I’m training for my first triathlon. Furthermore, I notice a lot less inflammation than I would normally while exercising and training. However, an easier time bouncing back after a hard workout!” 

Rachael Carlevale, the founder of Ganjasana Yoga, says. “In utilizing the CBD oil, I was able to relieve my pain and shrink the tumours. After that, i had surgery, and rather than take the prescribed fentanyl. Using CBD (and THC oil) to heal. I continue to take the oil daily for prevention,” she explained to Weedmaps News.

“I also want to note that not all CBD oil helped, and that it was only organically grown cannabis, made via solventless methods that truly brought relief to my suffering.”

Opinion of experts:

Stasia Woodcock is a pharmacist with Curaleaf, New York. She took CBD oil to relieve her medical conditions, which causes her pain and inflammation.

“The current research shows that CBD is a very potent anti-inflammatory agent, which can help decrease pain where inflammation is a key factor, such as arthritis or colitis,” Woodcock explained. “CBD has also been studied in the prevention and treatment of neuropathy, or nerve pain.”

According to Woodcock, “CBD is a huge multitasker. Whereas most medications typically work on only one symptom, CBD can help with multiple facets of pain, including inflammation and the anxiety constant pain can cause, in addition to the pain itself.”

CBD provided benefits from entourage effects when she tried to cure the pains associated with fibromyalgia, endometriosis and musculoskeletal pain. “The research also indicates that higher doses of CBD (between 100-200 mg per day) are often needed when CBD is used without THC to bolster its effects.”

Woodcock underlines that, thus far, there is no clinical evidence that CBD causes any serious side effects. “It doesn’t cause stomach issues, itching, or constipation the way anti-inflammatories and opioids can. When a medical cannabis product is dosed properly, it can provide powerful pain relief without any [intoxication], which is not typically the case with opioids.”

According to Woodcock, “Medical cannabis products are highly regulated and tested, whereas hemp CBD products are not required to be regulated.”


CBD is helpful specifically for people who are suffering from inflammation and neuropathic pain. magic butter machine for sale

Magical butter decarb box:

Firstly, the magical butter machine decarb box gives you the best results in activating cannabis. The decarbs box main role is to strengthen the amount of THC presence within the buds. Basically, this process involves a few steps. Firstly, by finding yourself some quality buds. The next step is the cooking procedure. Although the box does do the hard work for you, there are still things we can do which will give you the best results.

Made from a hard food certified silicone, this decarb box is perfectly designed to prevent over heating your cannabis. The compact lid is designed to prevent any odours or precious cannabis compounds from escaping the decarb process. The box can easily fit up two ounces of cannabis.

You will need:

  • Cannabis buds
  • A rimmed baking sheet or an oven roasting bag.
  • Magical butter decarb box

How it works:

In brief, the process for decarboxylation is quite simple. In saying this, there are 3 ways to decarb cannabis.

  1. Preheat your Oven to 250 degrees F.
  2. Ensure that the oven is at the set temperature. (DO NOT EXCEED THE SPECIFIC TEMPERATURES.)
  3. Thirdly, you will need to break up all your cannabis flowers into small pieces. This allows the cannabis to heat up evenly.
  4. Put an oven bag or baking dish inside the decarb box.
  5. Place the broken down cannabis into the decarb box.
  6. Place the thermometer probe into the box to monitor the temperature of the box.
  7. Bake for 30 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes and regularly check the temperature.
  8. Once the time is up. You must allow for 10 minutes to let the decarb box cool down.
  9. Your cannabis buds are now at their full potency ready for the magical butter botanical extractor.

To conclude, the decarb box is the perfect tool in creating the strongest butter. It is important to realise, we recommend you read your ovens user manual in accordance with the specs of the decarb box. Each oven is different, and calibrating the perfect temperature is important to get the most T-C, C-D or C-N from your cannabis.

Activating the types of cannabinoids:

For T-C, Decarb the cannabis at 250 degrees F or 121 degrees C. Bake for 30-45 minutes.

To get C-D, Decarb the cannabis at 280 degrees F or 140 degrees C. Bake for 60-90 minutes.

For C-N, decarb the cannabis at 320 degrees F or 160 degrees C. Cook for 90-120 minutes.

magic butter machine for sale, Magical butter decarb box for sale. Magical butter decarb box.

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