How to use CBD tincture

CBD has such a huge range of products that a newcomer gets confused so easily. Every day a new CBD product is getting added to the market. Furthermore, We are going to learn about CBD tincture in this article.

What is a CBD tincture? 

A tincture is a concentrate extracting from the cannabis plant by soaking the cannabis plant into a solvent. Using alcohol and food-grade oils for this purpose.

1843 was the year when using cannabis tincture for the very first time. Basically, wrote in a medical journal along with the recipe for the tincture. After that publication, a number of medicine producers jumped into the business of selling CBD tinctures. 

How do CBD tinctures work?

We absorb CBD tinctures in our bloodstream by the capillaries specifically in the cheek, gums and under our tongue. It is advisable to rub the tinctures inside the mouth to make absorption easy. After that tincture should be swallowed to get into our digestive system. From this point, CBD starts interacting with the endocannabinoid system of our body.

Why use a CBD tincture?

There are a number of benefits of using CBD tinctures.

  • Tinctures are easy to dose.
  • One can easily adjust the amount to have desired experience.
  • They have high bioavailability.
  • You can have the same effects with a low dose of tinctures, as you have by using other methods of consumption.
  • It saves money and does not have any side effects.
  • Best alternate of any other smoking method.
  • Zero cleanups are involved with a tincture.
  • The tincture can be taken along with your morning coffee or tea.

What to keep in mind while taking it?

  • Keep a goal in your mind about what do you want to achieve with CBD. Deciding it would be helpful for you to determine the product you want to buy.
  • Also, start with small dose and slowly increase it.
  • Keep an eye on what your body feels the best at.
  • Always read the label to get to know about what you have in your tincture.
  • If you already are on some kind of medications, make sure to consult your doctor before using tincture.

How to use it:

Make sure to shake the bottle before using it to ensure that CBD has mixed in with the liquid. Take the tincture in the dropper and put few drops of it under your tongue. Keep the tincture in there for at least 3 minutes and then swallow. Sit back and wait for at least an hour to feel the effects of the dose on your body. If you h=want to have more, repeat the same procedure of taking a tincture.


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