How To Clean A Bong

How To Clean A Bong

Water pipes are also known as bongs. Learn the best way to clean a bong. People are using bongs to smoke cannabis for centuries. Every bong has a bowl that you place downstream which directs the smoke through the water at the base, then up the bong’s neck and through the mouthpiece.  

It is extremely easy to smoke from glass bong, and that is the reason the usage of these glass bongs never gets old. Bongs take a very short period of time to get prepared for smoking. It is also not so complicated to learn how o use the bong. It would help if you cleaned it now and then, but cleaning gets harder when you do not pay attention to clean it up regularly.  

Below are the steps to clean the bong up thoroughly: 

What you will be needing: 

You will be needing following items to clean the bong: 

  • Coarse sea salt 
  • 99% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) 
  • Two large zipper storage bags 
  • Rubber stoppers or bong plugs 
  • Towel 

Steps to clean the bong: 

Below are the steps to follow while cleaning the bong: 

Remove the bowl and downsteam: 

First of all, you need to remove both the bowl and downstream of the bong. Put these two parts in a separate zipper bag.  

Pour alcohol in zipper bags: 

Put both alcohol and coarse salt into those zipper bags where you have kept both bowl and downstem.  

Pour out used bong water: 

Pour all used water from the bong before start cleaning the bong. If you smoke cannabis on daily basis with the assistant of the bong, it would be better to change the water of the bong daily.  

Add alcohol and salt: 

Put coarse salt into the bong. The quantity of salt should be enough to cover the bottom of the bong. Then pour alcohol into it at approximately 60 millilitres.  

Plug holes: 

Use rubber stoppers to plug the opening of the bong. Standard sized plugs and caps can also be bought online. Before buying them, you need to know the exact size of the mouthpiece and downstream opening.  

Shake the bong: 

The best way to remove all the residue is to shake the bong. You need to keep shaking the bong until you see the resin coming off. Pour alcohol and coarse salt once you see the resin coming off.  

Rinse the bong, downstem and bowl: 

Use warm water to rinse the bong, downstem and the bowl. 

Make sure no residue or alcohol is left in the bong before reassembling it. Repeat the procedure if you find any residue left.  

Remember, a well-made bong can last a lifetime, but it needs regular maintenance to fully function. The more you clean your bong, the less frequently you’ll have to deep-clean it.  

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