How To Choose The Perfect Bong Cone Piece

How To Choose The Perfect Bong Bowl Piece: Generally, the Bong bowl piece depends on your needs. Also, If you want to buy your own bong, you need to read tips on buying the perfect piece that meets your needs.  

What do bong bowl pieces do? 

Basically, a bong is a smoking device that consists of a water chamber that filters and cools your smoke down. However, Bongs have other functional parts like ash catcher, down the stem, percolator and a mouthpiece as well. Making Bongs with plastic, wood, acrylic and glass. 

Furthermore, You put your cannabis into the bong bowl after grinding it. Some bowl pieces have built-in screens, which eliminate the need to frequently replace wire screens. Generally, this is a plus for those who use their bongs frequently.  

Choosing the right pieces for your needs: 

A number of factors play a vital role when it comes to choosing the right bong bowl piece for yourself. If you are going to replace your present bowl piece, you must know the exact measurements of your current bowl piece.  Also, you would be needing to know the size of the joint.  

The standard joints To Choose The Perfect Bong Bowl Piece are: 

  • 10 millimeters (sometimes referred to as mini or nano joints) 
  • 14 millimeters (typical size for a standard water pipe) 
  • 18 millimeters (works well with oversized bong bowl pieces for multiple smokers) 

Just joint size is not t be considered. It depends on if you smoke alone or in a group. You can choose a bigger or smaller bowl size as well. The gender of your joint is also important. If you are having a female joint, you would be needing to buy a male bowl piece and vice versa.  

If you are well aware with the gender and the size of the joint, buying bowl piece will be much easier for you.  

Styles and prices of bong pieces: 

You can buy different bowl piece in a very reasonable price. Price range of them is usually $12 to $25. Price actually depends on the intricacy of the bowl design. Bowl piece can also enhance the smoking experience because of their styles and designs.  

Snapper bowl: 

The snapper bowl is specially designed for single smokers. It is also known as a martini bowl because the design it is similar to a cocktail glass. These bowls provide you a single large hit. Also, it is made of high-quality Pyrex glass.  

Metal bowl: 

These metal bowls are made of sturdier brass or stainless steel. The only disadvantage of these bowls is that they get very hot during smoking. So, you need to be careful about that.  

Oversized bowl: 

Oversized bowls are the best choice if you are going to have a shared smoking experience. These bowls are deep as well as wide. These bowls can provide you with multiple hits without reloading again and again.  

Double bowl: 

These bowls are specifically designed for couples to enjoy cannabis side by side. These double bowls, as the name suggests, have two containers that fill with weed.  

Other novelty bowls: 

When it comes to finding a perfect bowl piece, you can have much more choice than you think. Few bowl pieces come in an animal shaped design while few show abstract art. The minimum price of such bowls starts from 40$.  


Bowl pieces are absolutely essential parts. The choice of bowl piece depends on your personal choice as well as your expectation from the smoking experience. You can buy glass made of metal made a bowl in different sizes and designs.  

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