How glass pipes are made

A number of generations have been using glass pipes for centuries. With this purpose in mind, Most smokers prefer glass pipes as compared to pipes made from other materials. Basically, Here are the reasons why smokers prefer glass pipes: 

  • Glass is an inert substance, which means it won’t leach any flavours or smells into the smoke — glass lets you experience only the smells and flavours of your weed. 
  • In general, glass withstands temperature changes well, making it perfectly suited for sparking up and smoking weed. 
  • When smoking out of a glass pipe, the piece won’t get too hot to handle. 
  • Many weed smokers like the stylistic flare imbued in weed pipes, which designers decorate with a huge range of colours, designs, shapes, and sizes. 
  • Crafting this into a variety of different types of pipes, including classic spoon pipes, bubblers, chillums, and more complex pieces like bongs and dab rigs.  

The basics: 

Generally, using glass blowing techniques are to make pipes. Furthermore, glassblowers began the procedure by heating the glass up. Creating a single pipe or tube it can break after heating up, into two pieces forming two weed pipes.  

Firstly, Glass blowers start with neck stretch. Secondly, the glass tube is heated up to expand the glass into a flat cylinder. The glass blowers then spin and stretch the glass cylinder to make the neck. After that, they create the bowl by using the same technique.  

Once they complete the bowl, they press down a rod into the center of the bowl to make depression where herb is being packed. The glass blowers then make two holes into the bowl. First one is for mouthpiece and the other one is for carb.  

Then glass blowers move further to make mouthpiece by using the same glass blowing technique.  

But if the glass bowlers want to make two small glass pipes, they perform the same procedure. The only difference comes when the tube is heating up in the beginning. The artist carefully snaps the tubing into two pieces once both bulbs are hot. 

Machine-made vs handmade glass pipes: 

Both machine made and hand made glass pipes are available in the market. The procedure to make both machines made and hand made glass pipe is the same. Automating machines mass producing weed pipes by applying heat to a tube of glass as it’s spinning and maneuvering it by another set of machines to creating shape and size. 

Adding colour and design: 

Style matters more than anything else when it comes on the glass pipes. The makers use the technique of glass blowing which we discussed above, to create them. Different shapes are made when the glass is hot and can be stretched into any shape.  

Many blowers use heat to melt flecks of pigment to add colors into the designs of the glass pipes. Fuming is the process to vaporize some sort of metal — often silver, gold, platinum, or another safe metal — into the main tube of glass. This process adds layers of metal to the inside of the glass and creates streaks and swirls inside the finished product. 

Other types of glass pipes: 

This article is about a typical spoon shaped pipe but the technique which is used to make this pipe is used to make other types of glass pipes as well. Other types of it are: 


They resemble with spoon glass pipe but they do not have a bowl at the end of it.  


You can also call Steamrollers as giant chillums. Making them with fat tube which can hold tons of smoke. 


A spoon pipe with an additional water chamber blown into the glass to hold water, giving the resulting smoke some water filtration. 


Apart from features of the bongs, making them with the same glass blowing technique.  

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