How bongs are made?

Generally, using Glass blowing techniques people make bongs. It is the complexity of the bong which make it stand out among other glass smoking devices. Also, these are embellishing with bright colours, eye catching designs and elaborate decorations. A number of bongs come with ice catchers and percolators. Below is the guide on how the bongs are made:

The basics:

Formatting the water chamber:

Furthermore, the base of the bong is the most important part and the first step to making it is to create a water chamber. Blowtorches are to apply heat to the glass tubing. The glass will be expended into a cylinder, use steel or blowpipe to blow air into the hot glass. It will make it bulge up into a larger and bulbous bubble. Keep rotating the glass tubing while blowing air into it.

Keep blowing and turn the glass into the shape of the chamber. However, using a tool to punch a hole in the side of the chamber once the chamber is shaped fully. However, This is the hole where the downstem will get fit.

Making the neck:

Firstly, Apply heat directly above the water chamber. Basically, this part of glass tubing turns into a large cylinder. Also, Keep rotating the glass evenly. Lastly, Keep doing it until you achieve a cylinder wide and long to be the neck of the bong.

Shaping the mouthpiece:

A point often overlooked, your next focus should be on shaping the mouthpiece. Then, Apply heat on the glass and separate the neck from the initial glass tubing. Keep rotating the pipe to make a uniform shape. Lastly, Put the mouth piece into the neck.

Downstem and bowl:

Nevertheless, A number of bongs use removable downstem and bowl. Make both downstem and bowl separately. Generally, Use the same blowing technique to make them.

The art of glass bongs: Style and decoration:

Bongs are considering to be the work of art. The artisans who are master of this art, they create unbelievable masterpieces. And the price of such an art work can be as high as in six figures.

Colours are added in bongs by melting chunks of coloured pigment. The artisan can stretch these colours into different shapes and patterns while making them.

Fuming is the process in while adding colour to the glass. The technique involves vaporizing certain types of metal — often silver, gold, or platinum — and passing that vapor through the initial glass tubing. This process coats the inside of the tubing with the metal so that as the artist transforms the initial tubing into the bong, those streaks of metal stretch and transform into interesting streaks of color.

Machine made bongs:

This article is basically about handmade traditional bongs but machine-made bongs are also very popular nowadays. Even the machine-made bongs are made by using the same glass blowing technique.

Bong accessories:

There is no doubt about it that glass bongs are most effective and beautiful smoking device. Bongs gives versatility, allowing you to add other components and accessories to improve your smoking experience. These include attachments like:

Ice catcher:

A circular tray with holes in it that fits inside the main neck of a bong, designed to hold ice cubes. The ice cools the smoke, giving you an extra-smooth hit.


Percolators have a large variety of style, shape and size. The numerous tiny bubbles created by a percolator add filtration for incredibly smooth, cool, and tasty smoke. All the methods on how they are made.

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