Herb Grinders Australia

Herb Grinders Australia

Herb Grinders Australia: do you smoke dry herb? Do you hate using scissors to chop buds? We have a massive range of hand herb grinders just a click away—Cone Piece stocks all the leading brands from Waterfall to Stone Age, to name a couple. We do fast discreet delivery Australia wide right to your door. Our goal is to bring the best products from around the world straight to your door and enhance the everyday smoker experience with leading products and services.

Who Invented the Herb Grinder?

The herb grinder was invented and designed by William Wingfield and John Balding from, Victoria, Australia.  They patented their grinder idea back in 1905. Their invention firmly resembles the modern-day hand grinder, which shows that the original design has to a great extent proven reliable over the past century and has allowed people to chop up buds quickly all over the world

Here Is Some Herb Grinders As Can Be Seen Below:


This waterfall grinder is perfect for grinding herbs, storing herbs, and collecting kief! The teeth on this grinder are extra sharp, allowing an easy grind. Filing the teeth will increase the sharpness of the grinder’s teeth. The magnetized lid and thread ensure all units’ chambers stay together and allow a smooth twist.

Great for grinding buds quick.

Stone-Age Grinder & Storage

This great grinder from the stone age is the best grinder available in the market. It has razor-sharp teeth, a pollen screen and a storage compartment. Your stuff (herbs, spices or buds) get a fine grad chop in no time by the shark sharp teeth of this fantastic little device. This palm-sized device is sure to give you a perfect and effortless grind every time you use it.

To Summarize At ConePiece.com.au.

Herb Grinders Australia: All in all, At Cone Piece Australia, we are one of the leading suppliers of bongs and water pipes. We also house many other products such as vaporisers, dab rigs, cannabis cooking utensils and, of course, conepieces. Also, we have Plant grow kits and all nutrients to help you grow top-notch weeds. We are Australia’s one-stop shop for smoking and growing related things. Please take a tour of our website and find out more at www.conepiece.com.au.

We recommend one of our best selling bongs with your grinders

Glow In The Dark Glass Bong

That is correct. You heard it right a glow in the dark bong with all the cool features to be the envy to your mates and the talk of the party.

only available for a limited amount of time

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Happy smoking.

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