Does CBD oil expire?

If you find that a bottle of CBD oil is expensive and using just a few drops a day, it might take you months to finish that bottle. In such cases, you would be asking yourself, does CBD oil get expired? This article is going to answer all of your questions.

How long does cannabis oil last?

The shelf life of CBD oil is from 14 months to 2 years. But it depends on the way you have stored your product. Sunlight and heat are the two factors that can cause CBD oil to get expired before its expiration date. Full-spectrum CBD oil has the ability to stay fresh for a longer period of time.

The method by which CBD oil is extracted is also important to make it last for a longer period of time. A number of cannabis specialists are of the view the CO2 method is the best when it comes to extracting CBD oil from cannabis because compounds of both cannabis and hemp remain stable during the whole procedure.

Does CBD oil go bad?

If you would not store your CBD oil in a proper way, there are chances that it would lose its potency or if you keep it safe for more than two years. It means if you are using an old CBD oil, it won’t be able to deliver what you are looking for.

How do I know if CBD oil has gone bad?

With the passage of time, both the flavour and scent of the CBD oil become unpleasant. Visual changes can also be seen in such oil. The oil would get thicker and its smooth consistency will be lost.   

Can old CBD oil make you sick?

A number of oils spoils or turn rancid but CBD oil does not. You won’t get ill if you ever consume a product of CBD which has passed the prime. But it is always recommended not to use the expired product and throw it away if it has been there in your medicine cabinet for the last two years.

Best way to store cannabis oil:

Cool and dark places are the best option to store CBD oil. That is the reason a number of manufacturers use glass bottles tinted green to store the oil. It is not essential to keep CBD oil in the refrigerator to keep it safe. The most favourable environment may just be room temperature or 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

How can I make CBD oil last longer?

Following points should be adopted to keep CBD oil last longer:

  • Open the bottle only when in use, then reseal the cap tightly. Oxidation is a foe of CBD and will shorten the shelf life.
  • Keep CBD soft gels and capsules in their original bottle, ensuring that containers are consistently airtight.
  • Store bottles upright rather than horizontally.
  • Find the coolest, darkest place in your home to store CBD oils and tinctures. Drawers, cabinets, a pantry, and the cellar all make ideal CBD storage centres.
  • Try not to store your CBD in a room where you use a humidifier, as excessive moisture can encourage mould to form.
  • Do not store CBD oil near a window. Direct sunlight will accelerate the expiration date of any CBD product.
  • Keep CBD oil away from all warm places in your home, such as radiators and ovens. Likewise, don’t store CBD oil in your purse or pocket for long periods. Any warm place can be a breeding ground for bacteria. 
  • If you’re using a spoon or a dropper to dole out the CBD, make sure the utensil is clean. Don’t “double-dip” a spoon, as you can introduce harmful bacteria and contaminate the oil.

When it comes to keeping your CBD oil potent, Dr Bonni Goldstein, a medical adviser to Weedmaps and director of Canna-Centers in Lawndale, California, sums it up best: “Shelf life for most products is about one year, although the storage conditions are important. Minimizing exposure to heat and light can help extend the shelf life.”


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