How to choose and consume CBD tincture

How to choose and consume CBD tincture

How to choose and consume CBD tincture: Humans are using tinctures for the last 1000s of years when Egyptians distilled alcohol and infused it with plant-based medicines. Nowadays people take tinctures as the alternative to smoking cannabis. We are going to learn everything about it in this article.

What are CBD tinctures?

A CBD tincture is a medication made by dissolving cannabis in alcohol. These medications contain about 70% alcohol along with high-CBD hemp strains and are sometimes referred to as green dragon, golden dragon, or cannabis tinctures. An effective CBD tincture will include full-spectrum hemp oil.

CBD tinctures and CBD oil are the same?

The only difference between CBD oil and CBD tinctures is in the ingredients. There is alcohol in tinctures but oil is alcohol free. Another main difference between CBD oil and tinctures is the application method. Whereas oils are generally applied topically (to the skin), tinctures are ingested (through the mouth). Of course, there are variations, and some people may prefer to swallow a spoonful of CBD oil rather than spread it on their skin. Cooking with tinctures is not uncommon and users may opt to sprinkle a few drops into a salad dressing, bowl of soup, or glass of water. 

How to use CBD tincture:

How to choose and consume CBD tincture: Putting few drops under your tongue is the easiest way to use CBD tincture. Keep the drops under your tongue for a least 30 seconds and swallow after that. You should only take a tincture twice a day. Start your dose with one drop daily, analyze how you feel and slowly increase the daily dose. Make sure you have consulted with your doctor before started using tinctures.

Advantages of CBD tinctures:

CBD is full of terpenes which are potent elements we can have in essential oils of cannabis. Terpenes are responsible to give aroma and flavour to the cannabis plants. The benefits of terpenes extend beyond aesthetic enjoyment and may include highly effective anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, and anticancer properties.

Your body takes myrcene, limonene and linalool whenever you take CBD tinctures. These terpenes can give you a number of health and mental benefits.

Disadvantages of CBD tinctures:

CBD tinctures do not have any side effects if they are taken in small quantities. But if you take them in huge quantity, they can cause you extreme drowsiness. Some people have minor adverse reactions after taking tinctures. And if you already are on some kind of medication, you must consult your doctor before jumping to have tinctures. 

Do CBD tinctures work?

The effectiveness of CBD depends on the purpose you are using it for. Generally, People use tinctures, even which are not cannabis-based, to relieve pain. Although a tincture does not have the ability to cure chronic discomfort or cannot heal an injury, it can help you manage the pain.

How do I choose a CBD tincture?

Both choosing it and other CBD product are similar. You should be well aware before buying. Make sure to buy the best available quality which meets your needs. You should keep the following considerations in mind before buying:


Those two words are key when choosing it. Full-spectrum tinctures contain the entire range of cannabinoids that naturally occur in the cannabis plant. Tinctures that do not designate as such may contain isolated CBD molecules, which could render them less effective.

Geographical Origin: 

Knowing where a tincture comes from could help you discern its quality. Tinctures made in the USA, especially those produced in Colorado, are reputed to be of higher quality. States such as Colorado must adhere to rigorous testing requirements and need to disclose the use of any pesticides. When you shop for it, you should know whether you’re purchasing pure CBD or if the product contains potentially hazardous chemicals that you don’t want to put into your body. 

Read Labels: 

After you know the origin of it continue reading the label to look for other quality clues. For example, seeing the term “CO2 Extraction” on the label could be an indicator of a good quality product. This labelling means that the CBD was removed from the plant without the use of harmful chemical solvents, but rather through a process using high-pressure carbon dioxide gas. Also, steer clear of labels that proclaim “miracle cures” as no such magical solution exists.

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