CBD oil and seizures

A study wrote in the journal of Epilepsy Research back in 2017. Generally, patients who belong to the control group of Dravet and Lennox Gastaut syndrome shows a notable decrease in epileptic seizures. A number of studies have shown the same result CBD oil helping manage epileptic seizures.

Research overview:

CBD oil is the extract of the cannabis plant. CBD oil has a clinical history that shows therapeutic properties to reduce seizures.

Animal models showing reduced seizure activity with CBD:

However, a study on Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences back in 2017. Basically, Testing seizures from Dravet syndrome, CBD proves to help in reducing the effects of the disease. Mice had the dose of 100 milligrams as per their weight for a number of tests. Furthermore, Concluding that CBD plays a definite role in reducing seizure symptoms.

Whole-plant CBD oil:

Whole plant or full-spectrum CBD oil is basically a mixture of minor cannabinoids, terpenes. Also, with small traces of THC. Scientists believe that full-spectrum CBD oil is more effective to reduce seizures as compared to CBD as an isolated chemical compound.

In brief, the 2018 journal of Brain Development, finds that an average 11mg dose of full-spectrum CBD oil is enough to treat both kids and adults. Generally, People who are suffering from drug-resistant epilepsy.

Patient perspectives:

Armand Shyoun is just 24 years old and he is suffering from epilepsy. He was by Weedmaps News in a 2019 article titled, “How Can Whole-Plant CBD Oil and FDA-Approved Epidiolex Reduce Seizures?” His mother told us that he started from 4 millilitres of CBD oil and slowly he reached 10 millilitres on daily basis. CBD oil helped him a lot in reducing his regular medicines and was having a positive change in his life.

Rayann Moseley is a 16-year-old whose recovery from intractable epilepsy using CBD. Also, you will see the book “A Ray of Hope,” written by her mother, a registered nurse. Mosely was close to death in 2012 before taking CBD oil from the strain Charlotte’s Web. Over the next several years, her seizures cease completely! Furthermore, she was able to stop taking the prescription medication.

Other things to note:

A family belonging to Texas took part in a clinical trial back in 2017. Their 7-year daughter was suffering from tuberous sclerosis which triggered seizures on daily basis. At Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, Dr M. Scott Perry led the trial and worked with several families calling on his expertise as a pediatric epileptologist and director of neurology.

As of May 2019, Perry was still awaiting the results of the completed trials, but shared with “Neurology Live,” a website for healthcare professionals, “The study tells us that the CBD drug is an effective treatment for drop seizures and convulsive seizures — that’s been shown over and over again. The open-label trial tells you that not only is it effective, but its effectiveness is maintained. So, it’s not something that we lose efficacy with over a few months, it’s maintained here for over a year.”


A number of researches have indicated the therapeutic properties of CBD oil as far as reduction in seizures is concerned. To conclude, researchers are working hard to specify the dosage and the right mix of cannabinoids.

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