CBD oil and sciatica

CBD oil and sciatica: Sciatic nerve covers a large and sensitive area that can radiate intense pain when aggravated. Generally, Bone spurs in the spine, obesity, long sittings, age, diabetes and herniating discs are the reasons to have sciatica pain.

Basically, this pain covers one side of the body as per Mayo clinic. Also, people who suffer for this pain, usually take painkillers to relieve pain for some times but they always look for the permanent solution to get rid of this pain.

 We are going to learn if CBD oil has the ability to treat sciatica in this article.

A research overview of CBD:

Furthermore, studies are emerging and recent research has indicated that CBD could offer modest relief for individuals with nerve-related pain, including sciatica.

A study wrote in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology back in 2019, which examined sciatic nerve injury. Conducting this study on mice. With this purpose in mind, the mice were given CBD orally which had a minute effect on them in relieving pain.

Patient perspectives:

Although, A little research has been done on this topic so far. One Canadian woman who suffers from sciatica wrote an article for the Huffington Post titled, “Does CBD Really Help with Pain?” In the article, writer Fiona Tapp describes her life as a working mother who sits behind a desk all day and has been seeking relief for a long time. To address her sciatic pain, Tapp booked a massage in which the therapist used CBD oil to soothe her muscles. 

After the CBD massage, Tapp described, “That night, I happily realized that the usual pain I feel when trying to get comfy in bed was missing and I fell into a deep sleep by 9 p.m.”

Opinion of experts:

According to Dr. Adie Rae, an assistant scientist at Legacy Research Institute in Portland, Oregon, and scientific advisor to Weedmaps, there is a lack of evidence that CBD oil is effective in treating sciatic pain. 

Rae shared, “In general, CBD is an anti-inflammatory, and CBD can theoretically reduce swelling and inflammation, thereby reducing pain. This is purely hypothetical; however, there have not been any studies. There is lots of evidence that full-spectrum cannabis and THC are good for several kinds of neuropathic pain, but the evidence for hemp-CBD is sparse and weak.”

But CBD might have some short-lived effect of relieving pain. Rae added, “CBD might help (mildly) with the pain, but likely will not improve the condition itself.”

How much CBD to take for sciatica?

Anyone can take huge doses of CBD; it does not harm anyone. But it does not mean one should overdo it while making tincture or oils. It is recommended to start with small dosage. Take just few drops of CBD oil under your tongue. 

The best treatment for sciatica:

The best way to treat sciatica is to adopt healthy life style.  Rae’s advice for people dealing with sciatica is clear: “Spend money on a good standing desk and a physical therapist…”

The alternate of sciatica painkillers is the stretching and exercises at home under the supervision of your therapist. Surgery should be considered as last option for sciatica patients.


CBD is a source of minute pain relief for patients who are suffering from this disease. However, the permanent solution is to bring healthy changes to your routine.

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