CBD oil and menopause

CBD oil and menopause: Menopause is the time when menstruation among females stops. Menopause causes a number of symptoms during this period. Generally, every woman experiences these symptoms differently. This transition period mostly occurs from 45 years to 55 years of age, and the duration of menopause is usually seven years. We are going to learn if CBD Products can help to treat these symptoms of menopause in this article.

A research overview of CBD:

A little study has been conducted on CBD oil and menopause. Further proving that the highest-quality CBD Products help treat menopause. This ties in with having CBD with your regular medicines.

Literature wrote in the journal of Ovarian Research in 2019. According to this study, the ECS impacts female reproductive tissues and processes, playing a vital role in temperature regulation, sleep, pain, mood, memory, and immune function.

This is also true, according to a number of studies, that CBD is helpful in mood changes, joint pain, and sleep problems. All these issues are related to hormonal changes during menopause. Researching further into the topic will allow us to dive deep into the benefits of CBD.

Patients perspective of CBD:

Dr. Melanie Bone, a board-certified OB-GYN and cannabis specialist, shares a story of two of her patients going through menopause and using CBD as a treatment. However, their names are confidential for privacy laws.

A 52 years old woman named J.A. had only one period in the last six months. She could not sleep properly because she woke up having sweat all over her. Naturally, this situation led her to depression because she was unable to have a sound sleep at night.  

Dr. Bone said, “The patient wanted a consult because she is having so much trouble concentrating at work that she is afraid she will lose her job. After explaining to her that she could opt to try hormones, she decided to try cannabinoids first. Using hormones if there was a fallback. Currently, she is doing exceedingly well with the management of most of her complaints. Just a few daytime hot flashes remain as a reminder of her menopause.”

C.T. is a postmenopausal patient who uses both cannabis and bioidentical hormones. She told Weedmaps, “I was using bioidentical hormones to help with hot flashes, mood changes, and dryness. After discussing my situation with Dr. Bone, we agreed that I might benefit from the addition of cannabis.

“Now that I have been using both!” “I feel great.” I have no more symptoms of menopause and my husband is delighted to have me back to my old self.”

Opinion of experts on the topic of menopause:

CBD oil and menopause: We are just getting started to see how ECS works. Generally, the way it works with when it gets in touched with menopause and a number of other medical conditions. According to some doctors, CBD oil has the ability to replace regular medicines.

“There are more issues at stake in menopause: sexual dysfunction, dryness, urinary complaints, and weight changes,” Dr. Bone said. “While some of these complaints are best managed with hormones, in women who have contraindications to using estrogen, such as a history of breast cancer, there is a definite role for cannabinoids to help as well.” 

Bone continued, “There is a wealth of history and tradition pointing to the efficacy of cannabis for a variety of women’s conditions. From menstrual cramps to postpartum hemorrhage. The THC of cannabis helps with aches and pains associated with arthritis. this ties in with menopause. It also helps with some of the mood swings that can herald the onset of menopause. CBD is important to manage the anxiety that is almost universal during menopause. The combination of CBD Products and THC is essential to help with sleep problems. These are common in menopausal women. The ratio that works depends on which complaints are most prominent. Basically, I find that 1:1 is the sweet spot for many women. In addition, cannabinoids help vulvovaginal-vaginal complaints and painful sex.”

Dr Adie Rae, a neuroscientist and scientific adviser to Weedmaps. Further adding, “Although cannabis does not address vaginal dryness. it has been shown to increase libido, decrease pain, and enhance orgasm.”


CBD has the ability to treat a few of the most irritating symptoms of menopause. Sleep disturbances, mood changes, and aches are a few of such symptoms. Combined cannabinoids are more useful as compared to isolate CBD.


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