CBD oil and gout

A gout is basically a form of arthritis but a complicated one. With this purpose in mind, Uric acid in the form of crystals builds up in the joints and joints become red and tender. For example, basic signs of gout are pain and inflammation. CBD oil has the potential to treat Gout and we are going to learn everything about it in this article.

Research review between CBD oil and Gout:

Basically, the usage of cannabis is as old as 2900 BCE. Although the Chinese use it to treat joint pain and gout. The modern world is using CBD to get rid of joint pain and gout. A number of studies indicating cannabis may benefit in treating joint pain and inflammation linking to the disease. This includes, without the unpleasant side effects of some prescription medications.

The studies of CBD: 

A study in the European Journal of Pain back in 2015. This examines the effects of CBD on the skin of the rats who were suffering from arthritis. Results indicated that “transdermal administration of CBD has long-lasting therapeutic effects without psychoactive side-effects. Thus, the use of CBD has potentially an effective treatment of arthritic symptomatology.” according to the authors of the study.

 A literature review was published in Current opinion in Pharmacology back in 2018. This literature review summarized that CBD has the properties to treat the pain associated with Osteoarthritis.

Patient perspectives:

Sir Patrick Stewart, who is an actor, got a number of health benefits. Furthermore, medical cannabis especially to treat his arthritis. Stewart suffering from Osteoarthritis in both hands, and he got relief when using the cannabis ointment, spray and edibles.

Stewart said, “I believe that the ointment and spray have significantly reduced the stiffness and pain in my hands. I can make fists, which was not the case before I began this treatment.”

Carmen Irigaray, a retired investment adviser, told Weedmaps that she began using cannabis oil extracts after being diagnosed with a brain tumor and undergoing radiation treatments.  Irigiray said, “It eased the pain, helped me sleep and, more importantly, kept me calm throughout the worst time of my life. I doubt I will ever stop consuming cannabis.” One cancer patient’s encouraging experience could mean that good news is on the horizon for gout and other arthritis patients.

Opinion of experts:

Dr. Jason McDougall, a professor in the department of pharmacology and anesthesia at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. McDougall analyzed the nerve endings of arthritis sufferers, saying: “They’re all bare, they’re all raw and responsible for feeling a lot of pain. What we hypothesize is that by locally administering these cannabis-like molecules to those nerves, we’d actually be able to repair them and reduce the pain of arthritis.”

Holistic healthcare practitioner Debra Rose Wilson, PhD. Also, this also acknowledges the potential benefits of treating painful inflammatory conditions. Including gout, with CBD. In 2018, Wilson wrote in Medical news today “At a time when we are trying to reduce the use of pain relievers, CBD oil can be an effective approach to managing the pain of arthritis. Researchers have also recognized the role that CBD could play in reducing the pain-causing inflammation of arthritis.”


To conclude, studies show that both cannabis and CBD oil help in relieving pain. lastly, they also have anti-inflammatory properties, which a good sign for patients who are suffering from gout.


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