CBD oil and asthma

Wheezing, coughing, and laboured breathing are a few of the disruptive effects of this chronic lung disease. This affects millions of people worldwide. One who is suffering from any lungs disease should keep himself away from smoking cannabis. However, CBD might be a good option! We are going to learn if CBD oil can treat asthma in this article.

Research of CBD overview:

To date, no cure for asthma has been discovered yet. Scientist and researchers are trying to figure out the treatments for managing the symptoms with lowest rate of side effects. Few recent kinds of research have shown the therapeutic properties of CBD oil to treat the symptoms of asthma.

The studies of CBD:

A study written on Mediators of inflammation in 2015 proves that CBD has the ability to stop inflammatory response in rats if they are induced with asthma. Basically, CBD is becoming a treatment for things like asthma.

A study wrote in the European Journal of Pharmacology back In 2019. It was found that CBD is helpful in reducing inflammation and fibrosis in rats with asthma. CBD oil has a number of therapeutic properties and it can treat a number of medical conditions.

Patient perspectives:

Nick Foster is a blogger and he blogs about ways to control asthma. The title of his blog is Treating Asthma at Home in which he wrote that his own asthma was controlled by just diet and exercises. He used to feel discomfort before using CBD oil. He started taking 200 milligrams dose on daily basis, “I’ve been taking CBD for about a year now, and I still haven’t had to sit through any discomfort or other asthmatic symptoms, let alone use my rescue inhaler,” Foster said.

Salvatore Miceli used to keep inhaler with him to cope his asthma attack. It was during 2018 when he tried CBD oil for the very first time and experienced a clarity in this breathing. He shared with Weedmaps in a phone interview, “Not only does the CBD oil help me breathe better but it also makes me calmer. Asthma attacks can be stressful and scary, so it’s great to have a treatment that addresses that as well.” Miceli said, “If the results continue like this, then I would love to skip the surgery.”

Opinion of experts:

People aware of the medical benefits of cannabis know that CBD oil is the solution to reduce anxiety levels. CBD is generally replacing regular medicine as far as anxiety is concerned.

 “Cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, and CBG help to utilize anxiety sufferers by reducing symptoms and improve the quality of their lives,” Goldstein said.

But the question is about the direct breathing issues which are related to asthma. Doctors, experts and even public refuses the idea of smoking cannabis as far as asthma is concerned but a number of experts are in favor of using CBD oil to manage the symptoms of asthma.  


CBD oil is helpful to relieve inflammation when administered with the permission of your doctor. Because CBD oil has therapeutic as well as medical benefits.

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