Bongs Parts

Bongs Parts

Do you need parts for your bong? Look no further. At ConePiece, we have all your waterpipes needs.

We have a vast range of waterpipes accessories. We also stock a massive range of new bongs.

At ConePice, we are one of Australia’s biggest online smoke shops. We don’t just sell sexy waterpipes. We all so sell all the toys to keep your bong going, if you know what I mean. Cone Pieces, Chambers, waterpipe Cleaners, Steams, something for everyone. We work with all the big brands and names. We ship items fast all over Australia.

Bong Parts And Vapes

We also sell vapes. And vape accessories. All the leading brands STORZ & BICKEL MIGHTY, Volcano Vaporiser, Solo Multipurpose Vapouriser, Dogg G-Pen, to name a couple.

Bong Parts And Grow Tents and Grow Tent Accessories

We also supply grow tents and growing equipment, grow tents, grow lights, Environmental Controllers, Complete Grow Kits, Hydroponic Systems Nutrients and many more.

Are you looking for an online express shipping Australian wide and owned bong shop? Look no further at Conepiece. Your wish is our command. We sell a massive range of online smoking and smoking accessories for the everyday stoner and the classy smoker. We have a vast range of smoking products. 

Please find us on Instagram cone_piece_australia.

Happy smoking folks

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