A beginner’s guide to buying cannabis gear

Beginner buying cannabis gear: It totally depends on your personal choice to buy cannabis gear. We will discuss major things you need to know about gear when it comes to buying it. At the end of the article, you will be able to choose the right gear for yourself.

What type of cannabis products do you consume?

Furthermore, in many parts of the world, the usage of cannabis is getting legalized, and due to this legalization, a number of consumption options are available. There is no doubt consuming flowers is still at the top of the list. Besides, Flowers concentrates are also making their place in cannabis culture rapidly. A number of edibles, drinkables, topicals and tinctures are available in the markets. Generally, every cannabis product some specific device to consume. Specific considerations include:


Also, you will be needing adequate storage gear to keep your flowers stored and away from direct sunlight and air.


Concentrates also need to be stored at proper temperature and humidity level. Also, you will be needing a container which makes it easy to take concentrate out when you want to consume it.

Vape pen:

Vape pen also needs proper storage to keep its battery functional and oil consumable. Also, you will be need to keep your vape pen in standing position to avoid the oil to be flown away from the heating element.

Food and topicals:

A number of cannabis products are available in the market that does not require any specific place to store them. Topicals, tinctures, edibles and drinkables are such cannabis products. Basically, you need to store them away from direct sunlight. Keeping the container in the refrigerator is always a good idea. 

How do you prefer to consume cannabis?

Every cannabis product needs a specific storage gear to store it. Also, a number of cannabis products are linked to a number of consumption methods.

Consuming flowers has always been extremely popular among the cannabis community. But in recent times, the popularity of concentrates and vaporization of flowers has also become common.

Every other cannabis product like edibles, drinkables, topicals, tinctures needs specific gear to store them. You should consider the following factors related to your consumption method:

Smoking a pipe:

Spoons, bubblers and other handheld pieces are common pipes. Although these pipes comes in a number of varieties but it is advised to use glass pipes because they are easy to clean and safe to use.

Smoking a bong:

In addition, a bong is the best choice if you want to soften the smoke of combusted flowers. A bong will definitely take your smoking experience to the next level.

Smoking a joint, blunt or spliff:

Rolling papers, blunt wrap, filters and crutch paper are for you if you want rolling to be your style. You also should buy a rolling tray if you want your hands remain unstick.

Smoking a one hitter:

This approach requires a simple one-hitter pipe and in most cases, an accompanying dugout, which is a compact storage device for both your one-hitter pipe and a stash of bud.

Vaporizing flower:

A flower compatible vaporizer is needed to vaporize flowers. Small handheld vaporizer or tabletop vaporizers can be used for this purpose.

Dabbing concentrates:

A dab rig will be needing for dabbing concentrates. A dab rig consists on a water pipe and other particular dab rig component such as nail, domes, blowtorches and e-nails.

Using a vape pen:

You will be needing two components if you want to consume cannabis with a vape pen. These components are a battery and a cartridge that has cannabis oil in them.

How often do you consume cannabis?

beginner buying cannabis gear: To choose the best cannabis gear for you, it is best to consider the frequency of your cannabis consumption. If you consume cannabis on daily basis, you should buy an expensive and durable one.

It is also a fact that you would prefer the best quality gear in affordable price. The smokers who consume cannabis occasionally, they prefer buying inexpensive gear.

Where will you consume cannabis?

If you are going to consume cannabis indoor, you should prefer larger and complex pieces which include things such as:

  • Large and elaborate artistic bongs 
  • Bongs and glass pipes with multiple chambers, bowls, and percolators
  • Dab rigs with multiple chambers and percolators
  • E-nails, which use a digital interface and electrical heating elements to heat a dab nail to precise temperatures
  • Multi-functional tabletop vaporizers for flower

But if your plan is to consume cannabis outdoors, you would prefer smaller pieces which are also portable. This could include:

  • Silicone bongs
  • Protective, hard shell carrying cases
  • Odor-proof backpacks, handbags, purses, or luggage for discreetly carrying bud and other cannabis gear
  • A one hitter housed in a compact dugout
  • Small vape pens with THC cartridges
  • Handheld vaporizers designed for flower
  • Travel-friendly nectar collectors with silicone dab jars for a slightly more mobile dabbing option

What restrictions or concerns do you need to work around?

Although the usage od cannabis is legalized but smokers still face a number of hurdles. Specific type of gears is required to work around these obstacles.

One of the biggest concerns of cannabis consumers is the odour of it. You need to buy an odour proof storage container and personal air filter if you want to limit the odor of cannabis. You also should prefer cannabis product which has less odor in them such as vape pens, edibles, topicals and tinctures.

Another thing which engages the mind of cannabis consumers is to keep their cannabis containers out of sight. Designed storage lockers and boxes are best to meet this requirement.

Individual or social consumption?

Another factor that you should keep in mind before buying gear, whether you want to consume cannabis alone or want to consume it in social gatherings.

Small bowls and pipes are better choice if you want to consume cannabis individually. You will be needing small sized equipment because you will be burning cannabis in small quantities. Similarly, you will be needing small containers to store your stuff.

But if you prefer to consume cannabis in social gatherings, you will be needing your gear accordingly. 

Functional or artistic?

beginner buying cannabis gear Artistic touch can be seen especially in glass cannabis equipment. If your basic purpose is a function, you should go for scientific glass pieces. These glass gears are reliable as far as durability is concerned. But if your focus is style and art, you should go for handmade pieces.

What is your budget? This factor is most important to determine what gear you actually want. Focus on low price gear if your budget is tight. But if you are high on a budget then there is no limit to high-quality equipment.

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