A beginner’s guide to glass attachments

About glass attachments:

A beginner’s guide to glass attachments: A number of popular glass device are available in the markets to entertain smokers. With this purpose in mind, These devices include spoon pipes, bongs and dab rigs. Also, We are going to discuss the most commonly used glass attachments.

Factors to keep in mind while buying glass attachments:

Three main factors should be kept in mind when buying glass attachments:

Frequency of consumption:

A point often overlooked, If you consume cannabis frequently, you would be needing durable equipment as compared to the smokers who smokeless. Also, You should buy thicker, heavy duty glass.


Generally, Buying equipment mainly depends on your budget. You can spend as much as you want or you can save as much as you want. However, China usually makes simple, straightforward and functional pieces in low price.

Form or function?

In addition, you should choose a scientific glass piece if you mainly focus on the performance. Moreover, these glass pieces deliver results without stylistic flair. But if you are an art lover, you should go for hand made glass attachments.

Glass attachments for bongs:

A beginner’s guide to glass attachments: Furthermore, a consist of a bowl that is used to keep the herb, a water chamber that cools the smoke down and a mouthpiece through which smoke is being inhaled. Smokers can also utilize a number of glass attachments, such as:


A number of glass bowl designs can be Hoosen as a beginner. Every bowl has a male joint which gets slide into the downstem’s female joint. You should consider following features when selecting a bowl:

Bubble shaped bowls:

These bubble shaped bowls are used to enhance the capacity of the main bowl. This keeps the entire thing cool so you don’t burn your fingers when sliding the bowl in and out of the downstem. 


Some bowls come with handles of varying lengths which make it easy to slide the bowl in and out of the downstem.


Screens are to keep cannabis flowers securely in the bowl.

Downstems and attachments:

After selecting the bowl, the next step is to choose a downstem. Downstems are to connect the bowl with the water chamber. The following downstem styles and other attachments allow you to build a customized bong.

Double bowl adapter:

A beginner’s guide to glass attachments: It has a single male joint at one end. This male joint slides into the downstem and the other side which has two female joints is pushed inside the bowl. These adapters are the best to use in social gatherings.

Ash catcher:

However they usually have a male joint at one end to slide it inside the downstem. They also have a female joint at the other end to slide the bowl. Few ash catchers come with percolators for water filtration. Increasing the performance of the bong with them.

Diffuser downstem:

To enhance the filtration power of the bong, use a downstem which has a simplest diffuser at the end of it. These openings diffuse smoke, creating tons of tiny bubbles and improving the overall performance of your bong.

Ice pinches:

Select a glass piece which has an ice pinch if you want to enhance the cooling effects of the bong.

Glass attachments for dabbing:

New glass attachments for dabbing are getting popular due to their usage in cannabis culture. These attachments include:

Glass nails:

Nails are the most important component of dabbing. You heat them at high temperature to vaporize the cannabis concentrates. Nails are made of different materials like quartz, titanium and glass. Glass nails are most affordable option as compared to others.

The only disadvantage of the glass nails is that they are less durable. Risk factor is high in glass nails. They are prone to cracking, you can drop them, they can get shattered.

Glass domes:

Usage of glass domes is getting out of the fashion in cannabis culture. But few dab rigs still need the use of a dome. Glass domes are made to slide over the top of the hot nail to retain the heat. The best thing about these glass domes is that they are affordable and very effective. The disadvantage of them is that can be broken easily as compared to the domes made of other materials.

Oil reclaimers:

Also, this attachment fits between the water chamber and the nail. Generally, the basic purpose of these oil reclaimers is to collect runoff concentrates. After enough reclaim builds up, you can either scrape it out or apply gentle heat until it melts and drips out of the reclaimer.

Drop down adapters:

Basically, these glass attachments are used to preserve your dab rig. They keep the heat far away from the body of the rigs. These attachments typically angle downward and away from your rig, utilizing a female joint into which you slide your nail.

Glass carb caps:

To conclude, Glass domes are replaced by large dished nails as well as carb caps. Put the carb cap over the top of the nail after dropping the concentrate on the heated nail. This will form a chamber of hot air.

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