50/50 Mix

50/50 Mix: In brief, it is a term for a fifty percentage mix of cannabis and tobacco in a bowl. Nowadays, people spin cannabis with tobacco for two reasons. Firstly, mixing tobacco with weed allows for a smoother hit when people smoke it. Secondly, people use far less cannabis when they mix it with tobacco. Is mixing tobacco with your cannabis actually bad for you? The answer is yes. Tobacco has toxic chemicals, especially when people are smoking the mix filterless.

Smoking your cannabis 50/50 mix 0ver time can cause severe health problems. In europe 90 percent of people who smoke cannabis admit to spinning their weed with tobacco. As comparing to america who only have about 8 percent. Furthermore any form of smoking does have issues on your health. But people choose to smoke either way. However spinning or mixing your cannabis with things like tobacco is much worse then if you were to just smoke straight cannabis.

“Hey Mate can you make that chop fifty fifty mix, I hate smoking green”

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