3D Printed Bongs For Sale

3D Printed Bongs For Sale: do you have a 3D printer? At Cone Piece Australia, we believe in the future of 3D printed bongs, pipes and grinders. Most bong files and designs are open sauce on websites like Thingiverse. The technology is still relatively new, and we would advise using a food-grade PVL filament. Back when I was at uni and owned a 3D printer, I was broke as fuck and printed bongs for myself and friends for cash. It was great seeing everyone loving my bong art and enjoying my design.

I’m a firm believer in DIY bongs, but make sure you do your research into materials, so you don’t smoke plastic. The running cost to print a detailed bong is between 24 and 48 hours for a complex print.

When you add in the price of electricity without solar power and the time to print a bong, it can sometimes outweigh just processing a new bong from a shop or online.

But in saying that, you don’t get the same enjoyment from smoking from something you made and created. And it also opens the options for learning 3D modelling software and new technology.

The take-home point of the article: do your research on what materials and make sure they have a high temper melting point for heat. Try a PVL food-grade plastic would be your best bet.

Try to always yous a metal steam and cone piece and make sure the bong is 30cm tall to help cool down the smoke.

3D Printed Bongs For Sale

Are you having a blackout or power outage? In this case, we have you sorted! This one-of-a-kind glow-in-the-dark beaker bong by Bing Bongs is one of our favourites. This is because it looks very mesmerising! 
Check it out below!



Happy smoking guys. Cone Piece Australia

Glow In The Dark BongGlow In The Dark Glass Bong

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