Where To Buy Bongs In Melbourne

Where To Buy Bongs In Melbourne
Where To Buy Bongs In Melbourne

Where To Buy Bongs In Melbourne? Are you looking for an online express shipping Australian owned bong shop? Look no further at Conepiece. Your wish is our command! We sell a massive range of online smoking and smoking accessories for the average day stoner and the classy smoker. We have an enormous range of smoking products. 

Where To Buy Bongs In Melbourne Entry-level bongs

Loosey Long Legs Waterpipe-hyperlink 

Loosey Long Legs Bonza (35cm) is taller than most of the others. Its height is 35cm. It has a rubber flat base which makes it unbelievably easy to clean it up for subsequent use. On the rubber base, there is a large water chamber. Both the coloured stem and brass cone are removable. The long neck of it is incredibly comfortable to grip.

Where To Buy Bongs In Melbourne High-end bongs 

Chongz Blue Death Doctor Glass Bong

The Chongz Blue Death Doctor. Thick, 6mm very high-quality borosilicate glass. The bong stands at a whopping 52cm tall and comes with multiple chambers for the ultimate smooth and cool bong hit.

The smoke splits into two side chambers, where the diffusers will break the smoke into smaller particles to begin the cooling process. It is then forced back into the main body of the bong to a third diffuser before being inhaled.

Chongz Multi Percolator Glass Bong 35cm

The Multi Percolator Glass Bong 35cm is a stunning piece of glasswork in 7mm borosilicate glass with gorgeous multiple chambers and arms. Features a showerhead array of percolators that promises you the best filtration and the smoothest hits possible to man! 

Where To Buy Bongs In Melbourne We also have an extensive line of vapes. 

These vaporisers have a chamber where you put the dried cannabis flower. When the device is heated, the active therapeutic medical compounds in the cannabis flower come to life in a concentrated vapour.

Recommend vapes 


The mighty has Great performance, with a pocket sizing fit. The battery-powered MIGHTY Vaporiser uses a patented combination of full hot air convection heating and additional conduction, which ensures an efficient vaporisation from the very first draw.

We even have a range of joint papers. 

King Size Menthol Papers

These outstanding papers are a treat for smokers who enjoy rolling longer papers for themselves. Full of Menthol flavour treat for your eyes as well as your taste buds

Where to buy bongs in Melbourne made easy with Conepiece.

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