What Is Valencene?

What Is Valencene: is extremely rich when it comes to the citrus aroma. Its profile has orange, tangerine, mango, and grapefruit flavours and odours. Some of the valencene give aroma like freshly cut herbs. Valencene is most famous due to deterring mosquitoes and ticks. This explains its use in many different insect repellents. Nowadays, farmers do have products containing valentine. This is because terpene offers a great natural insecticide. The Molecular structure of the terpene is a sesquiterpene. Making the structure more complex than other terpenes.

Ever had Valencia oranges? Yes, Valencia oranges are literally named for their high volume of valencene. The sweet taste with a slightly sour tinge makes the oranges to die for. Many citrus fruit aromas come from valencene. Tangie and Agent orange cannabis strains both contain traces of the terpene. Giving them both a vibrant citrus-like odour and taste. The buds both offer euphoric happy feelings.

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