What Is A Tolerance Break And When Are They Used?

Tolerance break is also known as T-break. Smokers take this deliberate break from cannabis to resettle their bodies as far as THC is concerned. People who use cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes take this break. 

What is cannabis tolerance?

When a smoker consume cannabis on regular basis, the effect of cannabis to get high start taking time. Such consumers need more cannabis to get really high with the passage of time.

Scientists don’t fully understand the adaptations happening in our bodies when we experience tolerance; it’s a very complex phenomenon. However, brain imaging studies of people who use cannabis regularly have shown that chronic cannabis/THC use causes a decrease in the number of CB1 receptors across the brain. This means there are fewer sites available for THC to bind and activate the brain. The body’s natural system that interacts with cannabis — our endocannabinoid system (ECS) — is a very dynamic and responsive system. It’s no surprise that the ECS senses when it is being overwhelmed by THC, and compensates by becoming less sensitive. As a result, more THC (in the form of more frequent use or higher potency cannabis varieties) is required to achieve the same results as when you first started consuming. 

What are the benefits of a t-break?

You can have a number of benefits from tolerance break. It is always good to take breaks from consuming cannabis. These breaks won’t let you be dependent on cannabis. THC activates the CB1 receptors in the brain’s reward pathway, which triggers neurological responses that increase the likelihood a person will use cannabis again.

This break also enhances the effectiveness of cannabis. Meaning there by, you can get really high with the small amount of cannabis. You can save money to spend on something else.

What are the side effects?

A number of cannabis consumers reported that they experience withdrawal symptoms when they try to take a tolerance break. These symptoms includeirritability, decreased appetite, depressed mood, restlessness, anxiety, and insomnia.

This break is specifically difficult for the people who are using cannabis for medical purposes. Because they need to consume cannabis on daily basis, they are particularly vulnerable to the risks of chronic cannabis use (such as hyperemesis).

How do I take a tolerance break?

Not to consume cannabis for 2 days is your tolerance break.  The availability of CB1 receptors diminish by chronic cannabis use. It means, your tolerance should be back to normal after keeping yourself away from cannabis for just 2 days.

This is also true that there are a number of smokers who would find it difficult even to hold off for 48 hours. This is so because such consumers are totally dependent on cannabis. But it is always good to reduce the amount of cannabis you take every now and then.

The smokers who smoke twice or thrice daily, they need to take longer tolerance breaks. But it all depend on the smoker. They just need to focus on what they want to achieve from this tolerance break because cannabis behaves differently on every consumer.

How often should I take ?

Not much research has been done on this area by the doctors or scientists. But smokers and cannabis physicians suggest to take a break of 48 hours after every 30 days. This break is absolutely necessary to prevent being dependent on cannabis.

Even if you are using cannabis for medical purpose or taking it for recreational purpose, you need to keep a check on yourself. So, that your endocannabinoid system keeps running smoothly. But once you are on tolerance break, keep your friends and family informed about it.

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