Weed Smoking Accessories

Weed Smoking Accessories

Weed Smoking Accessories:

A Buddy’s Lowdown on Smoking Accessories

Man, when I first got into the cannabis scene, I was pretty overwhelmed by all the gear out there. But over time, I’ve come to love and appreciate the art of choosing the right accessories. Let me break it down for you.

Alright, before you even think about lighting up, get yourself a solid grinder. I’ve got a metal one that’s lasted for years, but I’ve seen some pretty nifty wooden and acrylic ones. Some even have this kief catcher thing at the bottom. Pure gold, I tell ya!

Papers & Wraps:
If you’re into rolling, finding your go-to paper or wrap is like a rite of passage. I started with classic brands but later found these organic hemp papers that are just awesome. And if you fancy some flavour, get yourself some flavoured wraps.\

Glass Galore:
So, pipes are my go-to for a quick puff, but on chill nights? Nothing beats the smoothness of a bong. And if you want the best of both worlds, check out Bubblers.

I got into vaping a couple of years ago. The high’s different, but I dig that there’s no smoke. There’s everything from those sleek vape pens to chunkier tabletop ones. All about preference.

If you’re feeling brave, dabs are where it’s at. Hits you like a freight train, though, so be prepared. The rigs look a bit sci-fi, but man, they do the job.

Keep your buds fresh, folks. I learned the hard way. A good airtight container works wonders. There are smell-proof ones for the more paranoid (like me).

Keeping It Clean:
I can’t stress this enough. Clean. Your. Gear. Some isopropyl alcohol and a good scrub every once in a while keep things smooth.

Trays & Clips:
Rolling trays are a game-changer, especially if you’re clumsy. And those tiny roach clips? Lifesavers.

Simple but needed. The ones with joint holders? Chef’s kiss.

Light It Up:
Last but not least, the lighter. There’s this hemp wick thing I’ve been using. No more butane taste and it feels kinda old-school in a cool way.

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