Terpinolene Citrus

Terpinolene is a type of terpene. Finding this in alot of the Haze plant varieties. Things like, purple haze, orange haze, and even dutch treat all have high traces of Terpinolene. Although the terpene is common in these strains, It known effects are found in turnips and terpentine. Its role in these cannabis strains acts as a sedative. Experimenting thhe terpene on mice was proving that Terpinolene began casuing stimulating effect on both mice and humans. Although, further research is indicating when it is linked with THC the terpene can do the opposite.

Because of this, Terpinolene actually acts like a stimulant with THC. before inhaling or injesting a terpene, your body is already using special glands to identify the terpene. This will offer a different smell and taste between people. Enlightening energetic feelings after consuming some of these cannabis strains containing Terpinolene. Offering properties to aid as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-fungal preventing artery disease and other health issues.

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