Snuff Bullets

Snuff Bullets

Snuff Bullets You may have seen your friends at a club or doff using a small metal bullet-like device sniffing it on the dance floor and was like, I might get one of these devices for yourself. Well, look no further. We stock a massive range of snuff bullets to keep the party raging. Link Stright to Snuff Bullets.

Snuff Kit Australia

For snuff fan users, it makes snuffing and taking your hit easier and more discreet in public. [ Better know as a sneaky hit ] You can take enjoy a hit anywhere since you can easily carry the metal bullet device in your pocket. Snuff Bullets Catalogue.

Metal Snuff Bullets Description:

A metal dial to face downwards Rotate and open up the chamber and put in white baking flower and put the dial back into the center hole. hold the bullet towards the ground so your baking flour falls to the bottom of the metal chamber. Now turn the dial 90 degrees facing up wards. put bullet into nose and sniff and bam. we do not encourage drug use or sniffing baking flour or any other product to be use and sniffed out of metal snuff bullets these are for autremental purposes only.


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We recommend these Snuff Bullets.

You can find us on Instagram at cone_piece_australia.

Happy Snuffing

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