Sinsemilla is such a new word to the point its meaning is actually inadequate as an answer. Although, over time the word is describing a cannabis strain. In particular, the strain is seedless. While growing the plant with extreme care. With optimum care factor for the plant comes extreme potency with the flowers produced by the plants. Sinsemilla plants are becoming popular in the United States, Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Representing a range of different cannabis strains. The Actual word itself is of Spanish origin.

Because cannabis is ranging as at least a 12000-year-old plant, Sinsemilla is a very new type. The 1970’s began a revolution of ‘seedless cannabis plants’. Becoming a formal way of actually growing cannabis. Producing potent strains not advised for the feint hearted. The process happens by not allowing male plant pollen from coming into contact with a female plant. Doing this removes the possibility of seeds being produced among the female plant.

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