Sabinene Terpene

Plants with traces of Sabinene offer a peppery citrus-like aroma. Many different cannabis strains include Sabinene as a terpene in the plant. Although the traces for it is small in cannabis the terpene still offers beneficial properties. Things like anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial ways to aid the human body. Giving the plant a spicy pine aroma. This flavour will manifest in the cannabis plant making it very noticeable. However, plants like spruces, Oak trees, juniper and even nutmeg have high traces of Sabinene.

With this purpose in mind, the ‘Haze’ strains of the cannabis world all have high amounts of this terpene. It is however unknown what Sabinene actually has to offer after ingesting it from cannabis. Terpene is also said to have antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. A strain like Super silver haze is one of the most dominant Sabinene terpene potency in the game. Known for its woody, citrus like smell. Deriving from the amount of Sabinene in the cannabis plant.

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