Propane Hash Oil

Propane hash oil is a strong type cannabis extract. Making this extract requires a propane gas extraction process. Other people refer to Propane hash oil as PHO. Similar to Butane Hash oil. The difference is the gas that is used to make it. However, both processes require what we call hydrocarbon extracting. using these methods creates purely potent extracts. But be warned dealing with these gases requires a licences and can be a dangerous process. Always do it properly to prevent harm to you or others.

Using Propane to extract terpenes and cannabanoids from a cannabis plant. It does this by stripping the compounds completely from the plant. Purging it through special equipment. Giving you extracts like wax or shatter. Although, some offer a tough sticky residue, others offer a buttery like substance. Easily consuming them using special vaporisers and dabbing rigs giving you the high of a lifetime.

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