synthetic urine Australia kit will include the following items:

  • Over 100ml of toxin free SYNTHETIC URINE
  • 1x heat pad
  • 1 x set of Clear instructions
  • 1 x  cotton elastic belt with a pre-filled bag attached
  • 1x Exclusive gift from conepiece Australia 

Synthetic urine Australia brings to you the Lil whizz kit! The Whizzard is easy to use and has undergone extensive testing in real life conditions. 

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All in all, this world famous Lil Whizz Kit is a non-refillable, single use, disposable 3 oz fake urine belt. The premixed synthetic urine reacts and feels like real human urine when correctly done. You cannot contract any diseases from this product. Making this the best whizzinator Australia has to offer. Also, it is chemically similar to real urine. Meaning, the fake urine stays good for one year. With this purpose in mind, it can be used as a one time use Female Whizzinator. The Whizzard is easy to use and has undergone extensive testing in real life conditions. To conclude, does not recommend this product for illegal use. get your whizzinator australia wide! have the following products on offer

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