Stone Age With Strainer And Tar Catcher


Stone Age With Strainer Tar-Catcher kit comes with: 

  • 1x Stone Age blue Strainer Tar-Catcher waterpipe 
  • 1x Pyrex glass conepiece 
  • 11 x gift from conepiece Australia 

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In brief, Stone Age With Strainer Tar-Catcher waterpipe features the latest filtration. Because of this, you are getting a strainer filter as well as a tar catcher. This waterpipe comes with 4mm thick pyrex glass. With this purpose in mind, it provides the waterpipe with a very solid layout. The waterpipe comes with a pyrex glass conepiece. However, that’s not it! We are throwing in an exclusive gift from us.

More about Stone Age waterpipes

In brief, Stone Age provides the best waterpipes in Australia. This is because of the pyrex glass. That’s right, Pyrex! Pyrex is a glass made purely for taking heat. Because of this, you will see how easy it is to clean. Moreover, stone age bongs come with a pyrex glass stem and conepiece. Stone Age takes pride in the quality of their waterpipes. You will notice this when you see the stem and cone pieces. Throw as much heat as you want to on the conepiece. The stone age conepiece is strong enough to withstand 1100 degrees. Every Stone Age waterpipe has a minimal glass thickness of 4mm.

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