Roor Little-Sista Big-Sista Red


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Roor Little-Sista Big-Sista Red Quality:

With a stable beaker base and 5 mm high grade Pyrex glass, this ROOR ornament from the little-sista series will last for years. Doing this with a little rough handling. ROOR’s bi-stable joints are nearly twice as thick giving it superior strength. with the 40% more Pyrex glass adding durability. Because of this, the model is 45cm tall and includes a sliding funnel bowl with a coloured glass roll stopper and a non diffuser down stem for a strong snappy hit.

Size of the ROOR bong:

this specific Roor range stands at a height of 45cm tall.

3.Specific information

The ROOR bong includes:

  • Joint size:14.5mm,18.8mm
  • Pyrex glass 3.2mm
  • 45cm tall
  • Stable beaker base
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