x Trays

X trays flood tables work perfectly for their design! The system itself requires a pump that will flood your plants either in pots or on an x tray flood table. The table or pots will normally have some sort of added nutrients that can flood over the tray then will drain back into the catchment or reservoir. Generally, people use a type of soil bead or special clay balls as a supplement spread onto the tray.

Because of this, as the nutrient infused water makes its way off the drip tray, the plant roots are absorbing everything. This means all of the nutrients you have added is now assisting your plants’ growth! By submerging it with everything your plant wants and needs. Although, that’s not the only thing plants need. Your trays give your plant fresh and clean oxygen every single time you flood the trays as well. Keep in mind that as your plants get bigger and bigger, you will increase the flooding and draining of your trays for the plants and how often you do it.

X-Trays are available in 8 sizes from 3′ X 3′ to 4′ X 8’.


The flood and draining method using x trays offers growers flexibility when feeding and watering the plants or crops. Offering your own unique ways to both choosing your nutrients and watering times for your plants. Being able to set up Automatic on and off switches with timers etc. Take control of your growing environment! x trays allow for your plants to gain essential nutrients more often.

Here is a youtube video on exactly how these trays work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXJuNlpkNDU

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