Private Reserve

In brief, the private reserve is a type of cannabis strain. This strain is an Indica type strain. It covers the cannabis flowers with orange hairs with a nourishing green colour. Furthermore, this strain has a strong smell of pine-like aroma. Tasting private reserve, you will notice the sour and sugary flavour. Although, having this strain produces a creeping body high, giving you a form of relaxation. Nowadays, people take private reserve, helping them aid things like sleep, insomnia, and anxiety. Lastly, it is proving to reduce some areas of chronic pain. From headaches and migraines to even things like depression, this strain proves to aid it all. OG, Grape pie hoe, the white, jungle mints and Triple OG are all strains with similar effects. All in all, the research is done on this strain is proving time and time again to be effective in multiple aspects.

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