It’s now the year 2022 and pesticides today are substances many crop farmers are using every day. Pesticides are a substance farmers use to repel, kill and control either plant or animal life. This is because the plant or animal life affected by pesticides is usually a danger to the growing crop. Pesticides cover a broad topic of different things which all essentially have the same goal. Often being a cheaper alternative than an organic alternative many farmers will use pesticides. The effects pesticides have on humans is proving a hazard for human consumption.

Using pesticides to control unwanted vegetation, insects, and fungi that are capable of damaging a crop. Although during human vegetation we spray some of our crops with these pesticides the levels of the chemicals are low by the time they hit our plate. However, this does not mean they are not there. Deeper research is needed for better understanding of pesticides and the damage of human health over time.

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